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Top 6 Lidocaine Creams For Waxing

Posted on June 29 2018

Waxing does hurt. Don’t worry! Here we have listed top lidocaine creams to make your waxing a breeze.

Waxing is a commonly used method of hair removal which removes hair from the roots. With this method, you can delay the growth of unwanted hair for four to six weeks.

And it is equally true that waxing does hurt. Technically, it is a process of ripping hairs out by their roots. The pain occurs when the hairs are detached from the roots. And this is aggravated by the removal of superficial layers of the skin.

Luckily, there are many ways to ease pain and discomfort caused by waxing. And lidocaine cream or numbing is one of them. It is basically a topical anesthetic which dulls the skin patch. In other words, the cream desensitizes your skin. This way, you don’t feel pain or sensation during the waxing.

Here we have rounded up the best lidocaine creams for waxing.


NumbSkin is a popular lidocaine cream which is recommended for tattooing, piercing and surgical incisions. Due to its efficiency, it also works when it comes to waxing. It contains 5% lidocaine and is safe for all skin type. Use it 40-45 minutes before waxing. The numbing effect lasts up to 1 hour.

Dr. Numb:

Dr. Numb is counted among efficient lidocaine cream brands for tattooing and piercing. It is the topnotch topical anesthetic brand being recommended by dermatologists and body arts pros. Dr. Numb contains 5% lidocaine and ensures one hour long numbing effect. It can be used for dulling waxing pain.

Numb 520:

Numb-520 has 5% lidocaine and eases discomfort and itching. Moreover, it ensures relief from pain, soreness and burning. The manufacturers guarantees that the cream delivers numbing effect within 3-5 minutes of application and is likely to last up to 1 hour. Plus, the cream has earned 4 stars rating at Amazon.

Greencaine Numbing Cream:

Greencaine contains 4% lidocaine and can keep your skin numbed for a couple of hours. Besides, it heals swelling and redness which usually occur after waxing, thanks to its aloe vera jojoba oil contents.

Topicaine 5% Lidocaine Gel:

Topicaine is a popular numbing cream used to minimize the pain occurring during tattooing and piercing. As it contains 5% lidocaine, it efficiently eliminates pain from waxing. It is easy to use and no side effect has been reported yet. One more thing—being in a gel form, Topicaine doesn’t leave residue and is easy to wipe off.


Like Topicaine, Hush is available in gel form while its effect lasts up to one hour. According to its website, the cream is “specifically engineered for tattoos with both the client and artist in mind”. Hush is useful to minimize pain in waxing. As an added bonus, it helps soothe swelled skin after waxing as it contains aloe and green tea.

So these are the best lidocaine creams for waxing. Make sure to read the instruction given on the pack before using the cream.

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