NumbSkin is an effective topical anesthetic to dull the pain and discomfort caused by tattoos. Being a water-based cream, it doesn’t interact with tattoo ink or pigment. Apply it 1 hour before the session and you barely feel the striking of tattoo needle on the skin.


Over 40% of Americans have at least one piece of a tattoo. Tattoos have become a mainstream style over some decades. After all, they add to your style and have become a powerful medium to convey thoughts.

But it can’t be denied that tattoos do hurt, especially if done over boney areas like elbow, shin, and spine. Many people compare the pain with that of someone dragging a needle across the skin. What if you have a weak pain threshold?

Choose NumbSkin to Erase Tattoo Pain!

Don’t drop the idea of getting tattooed just because of pain.

Here comes NumbSkin, a highly recommended numbing cream for tattooing.

NumbSkin contains 5% lidocaine that is the most powerful numbing agents.

Once you apply the cream, it temporarily dulls the skin patch. This way, you don’t feel anything happening over the skin during the process. The numbing effects last up to 2 hours. NumbSkin is completely safe for all skin types and won’t cause any unpleasant effects. It is easy to use just like any ordinary topical skin cream.


NumbSkin is an effective numbing cream for tattoos which desensitizes the skin patch. Once the skin is desensitized or dull, you don’t feel any sensation or pain. Scientifically speaking, it’s numbing agent lidocaine blocks the pain receptors from sending pain signals to the brain. The numbing action activates within 30 minutes once the cream is applied to the skin patch. As a result, you barely feel the constant striking of the needle on your skin.

Using NumbSkin numbing cream for piercing is easy. Just follow the simple steps given below.


  • Powerful Numbing Effect for Up to 2 Hours
  • Great for Most Painful Tattoo Spots Like Boney Areas
  • No Side Effects
  • Numbness Activated within 30 Minutes Post Application
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin
  • Up to 3 Years Shelf Life
  • Recommended By Tattoo Artists
  • OTC Cream, No Prescription Needed
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

NumbSkin vs. Other Numbing Creams

Brand NumbSkin Blue Gel Super Trio AneCream
LIDOCAINE % 5% Not Confirmed 4% 4%
DURATION Up to 2 Hours Up to 2 Hours Not Confirmed Not Confirmed
SAFE FOR SKIN Yes Not Confirmed Not Confirmed Not Confirmed

(Note: Comparison is based on customer reviews, prices, and information given on Amazon, eBay, and other major sources.)

Frequently Asked Questions about NumbSkin

No Way. The cream only dulls only skin patch for up to 2 hours. Afterward, your skin will restore to normal condition.

  • Half of the 30g tube for an ankle or wrist type tattoo.
  • One 30g tube for the tattoo of the size of your palm.
  • Two 30 g tube for larger parts like shoulder, lower leg calf, and upper arm.
  • Three 30 g tubes for the full upper arm and full lower leg

Yes. The cream is clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists and cosmetic professionals.

The cream should be worn for one hour. Wipe it afterward.

While NumbSkin is safe, you should consult your doctor if you have any health conditions or you are pregnant. Don’t use the cream on broken skin or injury.

Rinse off the cream with water. If the symptoms persist, visit your physician immediately.

Well, it is better if you use the cream before the process. The cream is not ideal to wear on fresh tattoos that are technically a wound. Ask your tattoo artist for aftercare tattoo palm instead.

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