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Beauty & Healthcare Professionals,& Independent Distributor

Expired Laser Studio

“As you can see, being selective in what we do or do not remove is very simple, this is the same with fixing bad brow tattooing. Also if you are nervous of pain or simply don’t want to experience any, you can also utilize NumbSkin cream available in store always.”

Canberra City

Bearskin Laser Clinic

“Super powerful. We tested it out and NumbSkin really takes the edge off. Pick up a tube in store now before your laser treatment or try it out before your next tattoo session. This powerful numbing cream also continues to work up to 4 hours after application so it’s great when you’re sitting for long tattoo sessions.”

Frankston, Victoria

NB Laser Tattoo Removal

“All stocked up with NumbSkin. Laser tattoo removal is so comfortable with an application of this awesomeness.”

“An old ankle piece after 3 sessions. The ankles can take a while to see drop out, so this is impressive. It also hurts heaps here, thank goodness for NumbSkin cream.”

Aspendale Gardens, Victoria

Numbing Cream Australia

“I wasn’t at all happy with my sleeve tattoo for years as I was scared of pain that came with laser until I discovered NumbSkin. It got me through numerous laser sessions and now I have an arm that I love! – from the Manager”

“Unlike other numbing creams, NumbSkin has 5x longer effect than average numbing creams, making it the strongest.”

Gold Coast, Queensland

Imperial Laser Clinic

“Happy to announce that our favorite numbing cream has arrived. NumbSkin contains more anesthetic so it really numbs the spot you don’t want to feel pain on! Perfect for laser, tattoo, waxing, botox or any minor surgery."

Smithfield, New South Wales

The Beauty Pirate

“Be sure to use a NumbSkin product for extra comfort when using a dermaroller”


Independent Distributor

“I have personally been using NumbSkin for 2.5 years for tattoos. It is the absolute best product I’ve ever used for something like this. So, when the company asked me to be a distributor I said, Of Course! I wouldn’t sell something I can’t stand by and don’t use myself. I have this same conversation with all my clients and have been very successful thus far. Some are just folks that need it for personal use and some are doctors, tattooists, laser & hair removal specialist and the list goes on. I plan to continue as a distributor for years to come.”

Dustin S. Zadel
Lewis Center, Ohio

A New You Studio LLC & ATA Tattoo School LLC

“I have been using NumbSkin in my shop for the last 4 months, and it is the most effective topical anesthetic that I've ever used. It works so well, that my most difficult clients ask for me to use "the good stuff" on them. It is a great product and I'm so happy to have discovered it!"

Angela Taylor, Owner
Salem, Oregon

Kelly Fries Affordable Medical Supply

“We sell NumbSkin to our Tattoo and Piercing Professionals. They are also sending clients in to pick up NumbSkin as well. This product is flying off the shelf! The feedback is amazing, it works very well to reduce and/or eliminate the pain associated with tattoos and body piercing."

Kelly Fries
Colorado, Springs

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