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Permanent Makeup Is Painless And Easy With Lidocaine Cream!

Posted on June 28 2018

Lidocaine cream dulls pain and discomfort associated with permanent makeup. Here’s how…

Defined eyebrows and attractive lip line add to your beauty. But it can’t be denied that age takes a toll on the facial features including these two. You may lose the plumpness of your lips and thickness of the eyebrow as you age. Sometimes, certain medical conditions affect the appearance of these two facial features.

How to fix your sparse eyebrows and thin/dark wrinkled lips?

Yeah, there are expensive surgeries for such problems. But they are expensive and painful as well. This is why many people prefer permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is non-invasive and affordable as well.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is used to create the eyebrow and lip line by implanting pigments (dyes) into the skin. The process is similar to tattooing, hence got a name cosmetic tattooing. It creates a makeup like an appearance that is usually done with pencil, shaper and lip liner. And one more thing—it lasts for years, eliminating the hassles of daily makeup.

But Permanent Makeup Does Hurt…

The needles are used to implant the pigment under the skin in order to draw the lines mimicking facial features. This is why permanent makeup is painful, especially if your pain threshold is low. As an added woe, you may end up with soreness and swelling after the treatment.

Lidocaine Cream Drives Away the Pain in in Permanent Makeup…

We understand that the benefit of permanent makeup comes with a trade-off, which is a pain and discomfort. But you are not destined to go through it if you use a lidocaine cream.

Lidocaine cream or numbing is a topical anesthetic which dulls your skin patch. It works by blocking your pain receptors so that they (pain receptors) can’t send pain signals to the brain. Consequently, you don’t feel anything happening to your skin during permanent makeup.

No wonder that permanent makeup practitioners advise their clients to use a lidocaine before the treatment.

Usage of Lidocaine Cream before Permanent Makeup

A permanent makeup practitioner applies lidocaine cream to the areas like eyeliner and lips to be treated. The areas are covered with a film and warp for nearly 30 minutes. The numbing effect last for a couple of hours.

Shop the Right Numbing Cream for Permanent Makeup

You can also bring in your numbing cream to the practitioner or use it at home before the treatment. However, you need to shop a right numbing cream as some numbing creams may not hold the effects for longer. The mild numbing effect may not a match for the intense process.

Here is a golden rule to choose the right lidocaine cream for permanent makeup.

  • The cream should contain 5% lidocaine
  • The cream should be clinically approved
  • The cream should have positive user’s feedbacks

NumbSkin is one of the most recommend numbing creams for permanent makeup and other cosmetic treatments.

So this is how numbing cream eliminates pain from permanent makeup.

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