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How To Deal With Rook Piercing Pain?

Posted on July 10 2018

Interested in a rook piercing? Before you head off to a piercing parlor you must be aware of the pain caused and how to overcome the same. Read on.

Deal With Rook Piercing Pain

Do you know rook piercing is one of the most popular types in USA?

As far as its placement is concerned, it is done on the anti-helix, i.e. a location close to the helix area. It was Erik Dakota who invented and named this piercing.

So for those who are interested in rook piercing, you need to know that it is strongly connected to pain. But before you make any decision here are some essential points to help you make a wise pick.

Will rook piercing cause pain?

Well, the most honest answer would be YES. It pains just like other piercings. You will experience a sharp stinging which might be followed by a throbbing pain. But the level of pain will depend from person to person. It will vary as per your pain threshold.

What affects the level of rook piercing pain?

For this, there are many factors which will influence the degree of pain you experience. It is for both, during and after the piercing. To name some of them are:

  • Your ear’s sensitivity.
  • Type of tool being used for piercing.
  • Your pain threshold.
  • Experience of the piercer.
  • Your health conditions.
  • Aftercare procedure.

Also, there will be many things like consumption of alcohol before piercing, not taking ample rest after piercing, and much more, which tend to increase your pain level.

For how long I have to bear the rook piercing pain?

As stated that you are likely to experience a sharp pain when the needle is inserted through your skin, this can last for some days. With the passage of time and proper aftercare, the pierced skin will become tender. You can follow your piercer’s instructions like not sleeping on the side of piercing and keeping it away from germs, to boost the healing speed.


How to treat the rook piercing pain?

Wondering how can you get a painless rook piercing done? That is possible using a lidocaine cream. Yes, it is the only effective way to reduce pain during, and even after piercing.

Topical anesthetic creams like Numb skin are famous for making skin procedure effortless. It is a numbing cream which comes with 5% lidocaine. Application of this cream to your skin will produce a numbing sensation. This sensation will last somewhere for three to four hours.

So now you can have a rook piercing without any fear of pain. Even after getting it done, if anytime, you feel itching or pain recurs, you can re-apply this cream again.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Start with the cleaning of the area to be pierced. Use a mild soap and water for this purpose.
  • Pat it dry and apply a thick layer of numbing cream to the skin.
  • Gently cover it with a piece of plastic cling.
  • Allow it to work 45 minutes and then remove the cover.
  • Now your skin is ready to be pierced.

So you can get a painless rook piercing done with help of lidocaine cream. Go for it!



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