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The Difference Between Various Topical Anesthetics

Posted on June 24 2018

You may have myriad of tattoos or body piercings, but have ever wondered why a numbing cream is applied to your affected area and not the gel or spray? Yes, a topical anesthetic is the best invention of the science for those who dream to get a tattoo or body pierced in a painless way but topical anesthetic comes in wide variety of range: cream, gel, ointment or spray. Application of all the types is different, although equally effective. You must know which will be economical and convenient for you.

The article shares difference between commonly used topical anesthetic.

Numbing Cream

The most common type of topical anesthetic which is easily available is numbing cream. Numbing cream is applied on the affected area of the skin which needs numbing and its application comes into play prior to the treatment- tattoo, piercing or any other minor surgery.

Once applied on the skin, the cream gets absorbed by the skin and it remains effective for sufficient amount of time to proceed with any treatment. The ideal time to apply the numbing cream is 40-45 minutes prior to the tattooing or piercing process.

Numbing Gel

Although the effect of both the cream and gel is same but contrary to what most of the people think gel and cream differ in various aspects: whether consider the textures or absorption, there are few differences between numbing cream and numbing gels.

A jellylike substance resides in the numbing gel which stimulates the process of numbing while in case of numbing creams various essential oils perform the same job. Unlike numbing creams, the numbing gels are water-based and do not have any signs of oil in it. Most of the times, they are transparent or colorless and gets absorbed at a faster rate than creams by the skin.

Numbing Ointment

The major application of numbing ointment comes into play when tattoo procedure is completed, that means it is mainly used on the skin during the tattoo aftercare. The recovery process of the skin after tattoo or piercing gets fastened up after the application of numbing ointment. The bonus of using numbing ointment is that it prevents the skin from getting infected. Numbing ointments are oil based and provide cool and calming effect once they are rubbed on the skin.


Numbing Spray

When compared to topical creams, gels or ointments, numbing sprays are entirely different from all of these in terms of application and working. The numbing formulations are tightly compressed and ooze out in form of mists or drops on the affected area of the skin. Once it is applied on the skin surface, it works perfectly well. With help of numbing spray, you have to just spray it to the affected area; hence you get a relief from washing your hand after and before using it.

Just spray it on your skin and you are done with the process.

Now, you are very well aware of the differences that exist between various types of topical anesthetics available in the market. All come with the same purpose- numbing of your skin, but in different ways. Make a full use of it and enjoy the painless treatment.

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