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Top 10 Least Painful Places For Women To Get A Tattoo (Part 1)

Posted on June 25 2018

Getting a tattoo can be an exciting and daunting experience. To cut down on the latter one, you can trust lidocaine cream. Its application makes tattooing painless. Also here is another list of tattoo areas which won’t pain much. Have a look.

As per a study, women have grown more comfortable with tattoos in the recent decades.

Do you know around 47 percent of women below 35 are now tattooed? Hence, if you are also planning to get one, it can be a good fashion choice. But you also need to understand that it will be painful.

You might have heard many people saying that they had a painless tattoo. Ever wondered how it is possible? Actually, they make use of numbing agents like lidocaine creams in advance. Being a numbing agent, it helps to block pain signals at the nerve endings. This means if you apply NumbSkin cream before getting tattooed, you will not feel any pain. Plus, it is an FDA approved the product. So you don’t need to worry about the safety.

Besides as stated in the last post, there are particular areas of your body which can resist greater pain as compared to others. While you got to know five of them earlier, here is the next set.


Young ladies go gaga over cute and small things. Have you been searching for something cuter? Then a little tattoo on your wrist will do wonders. Don’t stick to that outdated though that wrist tattoos are too feminine. You have endless options today. Pick a robust and sturdy design to create your own style. Being one of the least painful places to get tattooed, it let you display the design 24/7.

Upper Back

When you need extreme space to present your creativity, nothing serves better than you back. It is an excellent area for tattoos with huge space available, and less pain caused. Females can go for tattoos crossing the entire length of the upper half of their back. And if you want to have a smaller one in the corner, this would work too.

Note: To make it less painful, it is recommended to stay away from the spine and armpit area.

Outer Shoulder

These have been a popular choice. Ranging from those very small and stand-alone designs to something pretty grand these can be done in any size and shape. And that’s not all. There are many more reasons to go for this area. For instance, these tattoos are visible 99% of the time. This means you can flaunt your fashion sense to the maximum. Then you get plenty of flesh space to create a masterpiece. You can choose as much as big size you like.

Last but not the least; it will be among the least painful place to get a tattoo. For those who yearn for an adorable tattoo which looks great without causing much pain can go for it.


The tattoo industry has seen a recent influx in the amount of thigh tattoos. Women across the world seem to be fond of it. Thigh tattoos are growing increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Similar to others in the list, you will get a plenty of space to paint your canvas on. And yes, the pain amount is definitely tolerable. What else? With a thigh tattoo you can look absolutely classy paired up with your favorite shorts.


They look really adorable and personal. What about having a matching set of artwork on both sides? These aren’t just painless but trendy. You can pair them well with shorts and your bikini dress.

What else are you waiting for?

Don’t let the fear of pain keep you away from tattooing.

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