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Nipple Piercing- A Trend Rising Incessantly

Posted on June 23 2018

A 600 years old piercing style- Nipple Piercing became a buzzword when many celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Rihana, Erin Wassaon and Christina Aguilera is known to get a nipple pierced. And it is currently having a big moment with people from all corners of the world embracing this form modification. A sudden exponential rise in nipple piercing trend was witnessed from the year 2016.

Nipple Piercing

However, when it comes to gender, only 9% of American women have undergone nipple piercing as compared to 18% of the American men who got their nipple pierced. So, if you too are planning to be the part of this buzz world, be careful with the pain and infection it may cause.

You must get acquainted with few tips that are discussed in the article before hitting the artist to get your nipple piercing done.

  • Choose the piercing artist after the thorough research

First of all, choose your piercing artist after doing thorough research because a bad artist can end up with severe infection. To choose a good nipple artist, make sure to visit the studio and observe its hygiene level. Look for the practices being followed over there and check if the studio is clean and safe with professional staff. Take a proper look at piercing machine and sterilizing equipment. The most important factor to look for is whether the artist follows all the standard protocols or not. Book your appointment after getting satisfied thoroughly.

  • Type of jewelry Does matter a lot

Steel ring and steel barbell are in rage for nipple piercing. Amongst the two, you should choose one as per your profession. If you are into sports like rugby or soccer, choose barbells, to avoid excessively ripped while colliding with others. Avoid wearing nickel or artificial jewelry as it can cause allergy or some severe complication.

  • Use Numbing Cream to Ease Your Pain

The standard question that comes to mind when nipple piercing is concerned is how badly do nipple piercing hurt? The honest answer to this question is that the pain level depends from person to person, but no doubt, the entire process does cause some level of discomfort. The pain is described as the sensation similar to being punched or bitten hard. Soon, the nipple becomes very hot and after few seconds, it will feel warm and tender to touch.

It is highly recommended to use lidocaine cream prior to the process which will temporarily numb your skin and make the procedure painless.

  • Analyze the Pros and Cons of Nipple Piercing

You may wish to get your nipples pierced but at the same time, you must be aware of the pros and cons of the procedure before finalizing your decision. Just relax and think how nipple piercing will affect your relationship and entire life. According to some experts, nipple piercing can help your nipples stimulate and enlarge. Moreover, nipple piercing is prone to pain and infection. Also, the slow healing rate may daunt you. So, be prepared with all the side-effects of nipple piercing and then finalize your decision to get your nipple pierced.

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