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6 Questions To Be Answered Before You Get Your Nipples Pierced!

Posted on September 03 2018

If you are really fond of body art, piercing makes an absolute choice. Though tattooing seems to be a cutthroat competitor, but if you look at the results from Google trends for last 5 years, it is pretty clear.

Piercing and Tattooing Stats

Now when it comes to choosing different types of piercings, it can be quite challenging. One of the best options is having those bedazzled tits. Yes, you read that right!

Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercing will be a good choice. Even celebs like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Kristen Stewart have adorned their body part with the jewelry. And they rock the look, isn’t it?

In case you are not sure, or you have some questions before signing on for this type of piercing, here are your answers. Have a look:

1. Are you OK if other people see it?

When you are wearing a light material, there are chances that people might be able to see the bump from your nipple. The piercing will be visible through your shirt and if you are fine with this look, then you are good to go. However, when you have to appear professional for a meeting, you will be required to pay more attention on what you wear. You must double check the mirror just before you leave.

2. How many piercings you are looking for?

Yes, you read that right! There is no rule stating that you have to get both nipples pierced necessarily. It is completely your choice. You can choose one or the other, or both, as per your choice. Ensure to figure out beforehand you head down to the piercing parlor.

3. Will it be painful?

It will be wrong to say that piercing nipples is painless. How much pain you feel, will depend on the type of device being used, skin type, artist’s experience, and much more. But if you wish to refrain from the pain factor, you can apply Numb Skin cream. This is a topical anesthetic solution which comes with 5% lidocaine. When you apply it to your skin, it desensitizes the area. Hence, you will not feel any pain for several hours. 

4. Can I plan for a tropical vacation anytime soon?

It is generally advised to avoid the hot tubs and ocean water just after you get the piercing done. Hence, before you plan for any vacation anytime soon, make sure you first consult your piercer.

5. Will piercing parlor make a difference?

Of course, yes. You cannot get pierced in any of those cheap and crappy parlors. For this you must start your search a little early. Look for a reputable place which has a good number of satisfied customers. You cannot let anyone randomly walk into the first place and handle one of the most sensitive parts of your skin.

6. What about aftercare?

Be very obedient to your artist. This is essential to avoid any kind of infection in future. Generally they advice you for something like:

• You must wear soft and cotton bras for some days.
• Don’t let anyone touch your chest. It will be off-limits for months.
• You need to avoid touching the pierced area to keep germs at bay.
• Clean your skin as per the instruction provided by your artist.
• In case of itching, during healing period, avoid scratching.

If you feel it difficult to resist the urge to scratch, you can again switch to numbing cream. Lidocaine based solution NumbSkin cream will work for you ideally.

Lastly, remember it is a commitment. Think over all the aspects carefully before you decide on something.

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