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6 Celebrities with Tattooed Eyebrows

Posted on September 03 2018

So you are interested in eyebrow tattoos?

Chances are pretty good that you don’t have desirable brows, and want to fix this problem. Well, every woman, from celebrities to athletes, loves to flaunt her perfectly shaped eyebrows. But not everyone is blessed with the same.

Microblading eyebrows

Have you ever thought how come your favorite celebs manage to keep their brows ideally in shape? The answer is with eyebrow tattoos. Yes, you read that right!

Let’s have a look at the list of the top celebrities with tattooed eyebrows:

Katie Price:

Katie Price

She is already known for the way she uses her make-up and flaunts her perfect looks. Katie is one of the trendsetter celebrities as she got an eyebrow tattoo in the very early days. The oomph factor she has gained is beyond word. And she saves a lot of time which would otherwise go in struggling with her eyebrows.

Bella Thorne:

She brought microblading to people’s attention in 2016. You might have checked her Snapchat story where she shared a step-by-step look of her eyebrow tattooing with her fans. Later, in an interviews with Vogue, she told the publication that it was "utterly delightful" experience.

Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie

How can you miss on her? When it comes to best microblading results, she is one of the best examples on how to get the eyebrow job done right. Basically, she underwent the needle pain to provide a touch up along the length of her natural eyebrow growth. For this she opted for the same color. Now her tattoo looks so natural and subtle.

Coleen Rooney:

Coleen Rooney

Next in the list is the smart celeb Rooney. Firstly, she got an eyebrow tattoo just to check whether it brings forth that perfect look or look. Later, she felt that while makeup accentuated her natural beauty, it was the inked version which made heads turn. Having gorgeous inked eyebrows and natural color, she never fails to flaunt her new look. It is so dramatic and redefines her looks.

Natalie Cassidy:

Natalie Cassidy

Already the star has oodles of beauty and charm, but to this she had added more by opting for an eyebrow tattoo. It has proved to be a commendable change for her. She stated that earlier using an eyebrow pencil was her favorite makeup trick. This was something she is used to do before getting the tattoo as her brows were very thin and sparse. Now she own dark eyebrow which defines her delicate features beautifully. Having those dramatic arches, she has a style of her own.



Best known for her beautiful voice, she too opted for this process. Rihanna went for an eyebrow tattoo to highlight her exquisite features. And yes, it works for her too.

Now you can also get a cool and classy brow appearance. Just before you go ahead with the process, make sure you prepare for the pain caused during the same.

Microblading can be a discomforting experience. Therefore, you must keep a numbing cream like NumbSkin handy. This will help you deal with the fear of pain. Not only it helps eliminating the pain but also never interfere with the procedure. Having 5% lidocaine it is safe to use.

NumbSkin cream has been used for several years in the cosmetic world. It is found to be useful in processes like piercing, tattooing, waxing, and even laser treatments. It dulls the pain receptors and desensitizes your skin for around three to four hours.

Problem solved?

Go for microblading and make your brows shine! Top Celebrities with Tattooed Eyebrows

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