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Large Skin Pores: Causes and Treatment

Posted on May 17 2019

Are you worried for your large pores?

According to 2015 study, pore size is purely an aesthetic consideration. So it is not a health concern but has a lot to do with how your skin appears. The problem tends to grow sever when oil collects in the pore and due to dirt or makeup, it becomes blocked. While it stretches the pore, if the pore remains clogged, it can lead to pimple formation on your skin. This means, there is something to worry about and these have to be treated.

But before you head start with the treatment, it is essential to know the reason behind their appearance.

Large Skin Pores: Causes and Treatment

What causes large skin pores?

The top five reasons for their occurrence are:

  1. Growing age number: The natural aging process can also be a reason for your skin to lose its elasticity and make your pores look bigger.
  2. Gender: Though men tend to have larger pores than women, yet it is due to hormonal changes such as menstruation, pregnancy, and puberty, which increases the appearance of large pores in women.
  3. Oil secretion: For those who have naturally oily skin, chances are quite high to have enlarged pores. Simply because when excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells collect in your pores, it leads to swelling and your pores appear larger than normal.
  4. Harmful sun rays: Another reason is excessive sun exposure. The harmful UV rays can make you have big pores by thickening your skin and reducing the level of collagen and elastin.
  5. Genetics: Do your parents have large pores on their face? Then there are chances for you to have them too.

Whether you have inherited them or you have oily skin, it is right time to start with the treatment.

How to minimize appearance of large skin pores?

Below are listed some of the most effective ways to reduce appearance of pores:

Washing your face twice: Yes, it has to be done both morning and evening, and on daily basis. With abundant of products available, it is easy for you to miss on the basics. But if you really want to keep pores at bay use warm water and a gentle cleanser to wash your face every morning and evening. Products like moisturizers, creams, etc. can leave residue in the pores and increase oiliness. Use a cleanser to wash away oil and dirt from the pores, and reduces their appearance naturally.

Pro tip: For those with oily skin must choose a gel-based cleanser to reduce the appearance of their pores.

Exfoliate your skin: Exfoliating is necessary for every skin type as it removes blockages from the pores. Experts recommend a person with oily skin to exfoliate twice a week, and those with normal skin can do it once a week. Doing so will remove the below stated elements from your skin.

  • Dead skin cells
  • Excess oil
  • Dirt

While you are searching for a good exfoliating product, make sure that it contains salicylic acid. It is a natural acid which releases debris from the pores. Just be careful and don’t exfoliate too frequently. Else these products can dry out the skin and the pores might look bigger.

Go for water-based products: This is really important for those dealing with oily skin. Make sure whatever products you buy are water-based as they help avoiding extra oil from getting into the pores. Say a clear NO to oil-based products which could else lead to excess oil, making pores appear larger.

Microneedling: If you want awesome results in shorter span you can try out this non-invasive skin treatment. Using a microneedle pen which pierces through the surface of the skin, the process creates micro-injuries and prompts the skin's healing response. This further reduces the appearance of large pores. And don’t worry for the pain. You can leave it to NumbSkin cream, a perfect way to numb your pain. Buy it here.

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