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How To Make Your Skin Summer Ready For Summer 2019?

Posted on May 16 2019

Summer is almost here and with it comes the time to keep your skin protected. The harmful UV rays, scorching heat, and relentless sweating can be a great threat. While the idea of wearing a swimsuit and spending more time at beach seems to be exciting, this also exposes your body several skin issues like acne, pigmentation, skin discoloration, scars, and much more.

Do you fear for summer skin problems?

This summer let the fear go and prepare your skin to deal with rising temperatures in advance. For a summer ready skin, here is what you need to do.

Back acne: No more acne is limited to your face. There are many people who are dealing with the problem at their back and shoulders. If you have recently suffered back acne outbreak and worrying for how to expose your toned body shape this summer, is with 0a professional dermatologist. Instead of buying those over-the-counter products which merely promises great results but has nothing to offer, go for a skin rejuvenation treatment. There are acid creams and chemical skin peel treatment, which when performed under the guidance of a dermatologist, put a stop to your acne and prevents scarring.

Skin discoloration: Are there some parts of your body such which looks darker or redder than the others? It is common with areas like back of your arms, neck, chest, and even face. It is termed as skin discoloration. To prevent it from happening people cover up their body parts and avoid wearing tank tops and sleeveless T-shirts. There are others who might be investing in expensive skin lightening creams. But even after so much of your efforts, chances for discoloration are pretty high. Hence, instead of wasting your money on such products, dermatologists recommend non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation treatment. It is an advanced way to treat discolored skin. The LED and fractional laser therapies will combat pigmentation and redness ideally. For future you can prefer using broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from further damage.

Hair-free skin: Another problem in summer that keeps you from stepping out in summer is excess of body hair. Though there are many ways to go hairless like shaving and waxing, yet these are temporary. Plus, these procedures can lead to follicle inflammation. So if you are looking for a more permanent solution you can switch to laser hair removal. This summer you can say goodbye to extra body hair and enjoy silky smooth skin.

Stretch marks: Whether you are suffering from the stretch marks after pregnancy or due to abrupt loss of weight, application of topical creams, gels and serums are not going to help you. Stop wasting your time and money and choose laser skin treatment. A professional dermatologist can reduce scarring, making it ready for summer days.

Besides the fact that treatment to all of the problems stated above are advanced, there is one thing which is common- pain. Whether you go for laser processes or chemical peels, some amount of discomfort will be involved. However, you don’t need to worry much for it. There are several topical anesthetic solutions available which when applied can numb your skin for several hours. You can try using NumbSkin cream, which comes with 5% lidocaine and desensitize your skin. This means, you can now get rid of pain and skin problems, altogether.

With these, you are all set to rock the summer season. No more you need to refrain from tank tops, miniskirts, sexy swimsuits, and bikinis. Happy summer!



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