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Is It Possible To Remove Tattoos Completely And Painlessly?

Posted on June 19 2018

Have you got a tattoo job done few years and are no more in love with it?  Luckily, you have laser tattoo removal method to rescue. It is little painful but effective. For pain you can trust lidocaine cream. Find out more details.

Remove Tattoos Completely And Painlessly

Tattoos make you feel voguish, right?

“I was in high school when one of my senior got his arm tattooed. Being influenced by him I thought of giving it a try. Just for the style factor, I got neck tattooed. Now I have to deal with professional rejection just due to that piece of ink. A deep regret lays in the corner of my heart”                                      ~Steve

This not the story of a one person, but there are many others who are dealing with similar dilemma. Due to someone’s recommendation or just to impress the lady love, many people in young age choose this body modification. Without even thing about the consequences, they get a tattoo. And later they have to face tattoo regret.

Do you know around 78 percent of people have a regret of having their tattoos? Yes, the number is really big.

Now the question arises, can tattoos be removed later in life?

Can tattoos be removed completely?

The shortest answer to this would be – YES. It is possible with the help laser tattoo removal process. Basically, it makes use of a special laser called a Q-Switched laser which offers outstanding results to lighten or remove the tattoo ink. The best part about this treatment is that the process is safe and effective. And yes, it will not affect the surrounding skin.

Being a non-invasive solution it can be used to remove tattoos of any size. Hence, if you are among those who regret for getting a tattoo, laser tattoo removal process is meant for you. The pulses of light radiated from the laser break up the tattoo pigment. The process might require multiple sitting for complete results. So it can take several weeks for your body to get inkless. As far as the efficiency is concerned, the O-switched laser works best for dark tattoo inks. Hence, if you have got a tattoo in black color, you have good chances to get rid of it using laser.

Is the procedure painful? How to make it painless?

It would be wrong saying that tattoo removal is painless. Some amount of pain will be caused. However, you cannot compare the pain associated with removal to be of the same level as of the pain of getting a tattoo in the first place.

But yes, it will cause pain. How much? It depends on your skin type, intensity of light being used, and tattoo ink, size, etc. Worried for the pain?

Don’t worry! You can escape the pain factor easily. It is possible using a lidocaine cream like NumbSkin. It is a topical anesthetic solution which when used makes skin treatments like tattoo removal pain free. All you need to do is apply this lidocaine cream 45 minutes before you start with your session. It will block the pain signals at the nerve endings. So you won’t feel any more pain.

Why to live with an unwanted tattoo? Get it removed now.

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