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Important Facts One Must Know Before Buying A Numbing Cream

Posted on June 20 2018

If you are planning for any type of minor surgical treatment or any sort of body modifications: tattoos or piercing, you must have a thorough knowledge of the product that will be a real help in your entire process of the treatment. Numbing Cream is one of that helps that works by temporarily numbing the skin’s nerve endings to make the process as painless as possible. So, you should be aware of the numbing cream you are choosing. Be sagacious and think twice because a bad quality numbing cream can end up with severe consequences.

Must Know Before Buying A Numbing Cream

The article shares few facts about numbing cream that you must be acquainted with before buying it.

  • The Ingredients of numbing cream: Lidocaine, Prilocaine, or both

If you are aware of the important ingredients of the numbing cream, it may help you to recognize the one that best suits you. For instance, Lidocaine is an anesthetic that works effectively by repressing the nerve impulses. Ideally, a product with 5% lidocaine is recommended for effective results.

Most of the numbing creams available in the market contain lidocaine, prilocaine, or the combination of both. Both of these ingredients exhibits the best numbing effect when brought into the application during the tattooing process, waxing or while having injections.

For example, the important ingredients of NumbSkin™ are mentioned as follows:

Active Ingredient:

  • Per 1g Lidocaine (KP) ………………………………………………………..105.6 mg
  • Additive (Preservative): Methylparaben (KP) ...……………………………… 1.5 mg
  • Customer Reviews matters a lot

It is important to note that not all the numbing creams are safe and if you choose a cheap low-quality brand, it can be a huge health risk. You should always opt for a high-quality brand that is effective and does not exhibit any side effects. Make sure that the numbing cream you choose is approved by the FDA and other government health organization.

Besides this, you should go for customer review of the selected products to get its honest feedback. There are various products available in the market that are extremely successful, yet leave you with reactions like rashes, tingling, hives, and so on.


“We operate a dermatology clinic, focusing on laser procedures and microdermabrasion treatments for our local clients. We only use NumbSkin™ as our topical anesthetic of choice and it has never failed us. Our clients are 100% satisfied with their painless treatments!”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  —Dr. Lucia Andrews - C.A.

  • Thoroughly understand the Application of the Numbing cream

Before buying any numbing cream, you should know the purpose you wish to fulfill with it. The item will differ contingent upon your necessities. Once you set the requirement and made a purchase of a numbing cream, next step is to read the instructions thoroughly before its application.

In case of most of the numbing creams, you need to apply an ample amount to the affected area of the skin and then leave it on for about an hour. Instructions don’t just finish there; some instructions suggest putting on a plastic wrap around it. So, it is important to read each instruction carefully.

  • The recommended dose of numbing cream

You should not be oblivious about the quantity of numbing cream required to be applied on the skin. Don’t just use it in any quantity. Read the instructions and use recommended dose.

For instance, the route of administration of NumbSkin™ is via a topical application on the skin. The recommended dose for adults is 0.5 grams per one square inch of skin. 

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