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Best Lidocaine Creams For Arthritis

Posted on June 19 2018

Arthritis is a common health condition among Americans. According to one report, there are 50 million Americas suffering from arthritis, meaning that 1 in 4 people have arthritis in the USA. By 2040, there would be 78 million people with arthritis in the USA.

Arthritis Pain is Horrible

Arthritis is characterized by the pain and inflammation in the joints due to the degeneration of the connective tissues or cartilage(that act like shock absorber).

Obesity, injury, sport injury, repetitive movements of the joint and physically demanding jobs make a person prone to arthritis. There is no treatment for arthritis yet, though the treatment helps manage the signs.

Arthritis Pain is Horrible….

Pain in the joint is the most traumatic sign for any arthritis patients. The pain is sharp and burning. Many patients reported that they feel as if their joints are being squeezed and twisted by pliers.

Can Lidocaine Cream Help You Manage Arthritis Pain?

While there are many medications, from topical ointment to electrical stimulation, for easing arthritis, many patients use lidocaine cream for arthritis pain. Lidocaine cream is a topical anesthetic and is also known as numbing cream. It dulls the skin patch so that you don’t feel anything happening to your skin. This way, it is an effective pain relieving cream for arthritis.

What are the Best Lidocaine Creams for Arthritis?

Here we have listed the best lidocaine creams for arthritis…


Although NumbSkin is widely recommended for tattoos and piercing, it also works when it comes to easing arthritis pain. This is because it contains 5% lidocaine which dulls the pain for a couple of hours. It is simple to use. Just wash your skin with soap and water. Then, apply NumbSkin like any ordinary skincare creams. Cover the skin with a wrap for 40-45 minutes.

Dr. Numb:

Dr. Numb is counted among one of the largest selling lidocaine creams in the world. The globally recognized lidocaine cream has 5% lidocaine and keeps the skin numbed for up to one hour. When applied to the affected area, a feeling of numbness follows after 20-30 seconds. 


Like Dr. Numb, Hush is a popular lidocaine brand which is used for eliminating pain in tattooing and piercing. And it is equally useful in arthritis pain. It contains 4% lidocaine and has an ability to keep your skin numb for an hour or more. Plus, it has the goodness of aloe vera.

Numb 520:

Numb-520 contains 5% lidocaine and is useful for easing pain, soreness and burning sensation. This makes it an effective lidocaine cream for arthritis. It is said to numb the skin within 3-5 minutes of application. The numbing effects last up to 1 hour.

Deep Numb:

DeepNumb contains 5% lidocaine, 2% prilocaine, 1% benzocaine and 1% gentamicin. It “helps numb the skin from pain of minor procedures” like tattooing, piercing, laser, and vaccination. The skin generally remains numb for 1 or more hours after the application.

So these are some effective lidocaine creams for arthritis. Make sure to read the instructions before use. Itis better if you consult your doctor if the cream interacts with the medication for arthritis.

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