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7 High Rated Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Women

Posted on August 21 2018

Thigh tattoos have been a big trend among women. If you are searching some highly popular choices, you are at the right place. Find out some of the best design ideas here.

Want to enhance your curves? Wish to flaunt your beautiful and toned things?

Ladies, you can consider placing a taboo tattoo right above your thigh. Yes, tattooing – one of the finest way to express your inner self. It is the major fact why around 23 percent of women in the United States get tattooing done.

And as your thighs act as large body canvases, this place is best to fit in an ink design representing your true personality. Just there is one catch –pain! Similar to other form of tattooing, even this one will be painful. But you can cut down on the fear factor using a topical anesthetic cream. Application of a NumbSkin cream which comes with 5% lidocaine can help you skip the discomfort. It will desensitize the skin for three to four hours. Thus, you will not be suffering from pain at all.

Now, when you are all excited to ink your thighs, it becomes important to check on the list of designs which will make you go WOW.


Deer and Lotus tattoo Design on Thigh

Wondering what kind of combination is this? While lotus stands for the peaceful characteristic, the deer section on the other hand represents fertility, gentleness, nature, and a quiet power. In short, it serves to be a popular way to say about enlightenment and understanding.


Unicorn Tattoo Design on Thigh

These mythical creatures are never going out of the to-be followed trend lost. Unicorns are almost everywhere, and they make a presence right here too. You will love them for the beauty and elegance they render.


Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design on Thigh

Being very popular these tattoos have a strong history. It believed that a mythical spider woman used to visit her newborns and while they were sleep, she would make a web to keep them protected. As it was difficult for her to visit all the infants, the women of the tribe created dreamcatchers which was intended to offer protection of her babies.

In short, these are associated to catch the bad spirits and trap them inside. Getting them inked over your thigh will keep you safe from evil spirits.


Peony Tattoo Design on Thigh

These are flowers and are loved by women of all age groups. While flowers look good almost everywhere, but they reflect ideally on your thighs. Having this kind of tattoo offers you a more classy and feminine look.


Mandala Lion Tattoo Design on Thigh

If you wish to represent the courage and strength you carry in your, this is something for you. Lion clearly indicated towards fearlessness and power. It suits those who love to be a leader. Plus, it also represents royalty and pride. This majestic creature in the Mandala look offers a relatively modern look.


Watercolor Tattoo Design on Thigh

When you don’t want anything huge, water color tattoos are perfect type of inking. It is becoming increasingly popular as they are beautiful and easy to get. Moreover, these give you a matchless look, making them appear very wispy and romantic.


Wolf Tattoo Design on Thigh

Another smart and sexy design idea would be getting a wolf. Usually, it is said to be a sign of family and strength. Known to lead life alone, this animal exile from family members, and live strongly through years. So, you can it to signify idea of being independent and smart, altogether.

So you can pick any of these, and even modify them as per your choice to create some unique, original, and presentable tattoo. 

Which is your favorite thigh tattoo?

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