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Tattoo Scabs: Prevention Is The Key To Gorgeous Ink

Posted on August 21 2018

Scabbing is believed to be a common problem with tattoos. Want to know how you can prevent the same? Check it out.

Has your tattoo area turn infected?

Tattoo Scabs

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With more than 10 percent of people reporting for unhealthy skin conditions, insertion of ink can lead to issues ranging from itching to infection. So, if you have recently noticed any puss oozing from the scab, or there is excessive swelling, pain, or redness on the area, you might be infected.

But not ever tattoo scab is infection! In fact, chances of an infection due to scabbing are rare. And most of the scabs will often heal naturally.

But why do tattoos scab?

Tattooing includes insertion of ink through a needle. This needle is used to pierce through your skin several times. And the procedure leads to minor injuries on your skin.

Now a scab tends to offers a protective cover over the same injuries, covering the tattooed area against bacterial infection. Hence, experts believe it to be a normal reaction of your body. Just as a cautionary measure, it is advised to let them fall off by themselves. Also there are chances that you might end up having a lot of small scabs, as you skin will be pierced on different, small places.

How to Prevent Tattoo Scabs and Infection?

So once you have got inked, it is your responsibility to keep it in a good shape. Here are some simple things you need to follow.

  1. Make sure your home and work space is clean. The germ-free environment is a critical aspect to keep your new tattoo in good shape. And this will help prevent scabs from forming.
  2. Take out the wrap off your tattoo as per your artist’s instructions. Let it air out for about thirty minutes.
  3. With an antibacterial foam or natural soap gently wash your tattoo in a circular motion. You need not use any sponge, washcloth, or brush to wash your tattoo. It can rip it apart and cause scabbing. So use your hands for this job.
  4. Use warm water to rinse the soap thoroughly. Ensure the fluid is all gone.
  5. Once you are done with the washing of your new tattoo, let it air dry. Never let your tattoo get too dry, else this could make it crack.
  6. You must apply a small amount of aftercare cream. But strictly avoid overdoing the same as it has proved to be enormous contributor to scab formation. Also this will prevent its falling off naturally. Reason being, it keeps the skin too moist and your scabs will not dry out enough to fall off.
  7. Keep it away from the sun and always apply a sun block cream whenever you step out of your home.
  8. Unless your tattoo heals properly and to keep it clean, avoid touching it. As dirty hands, clothing, and other surfaces can make it prone to bacteria, keep it safe.
  9. There are chances that your tattoo becomes itchy in healing stage. But you really need to resist on the urge to scratch the same. Else it will make your tattoo infected.
  10. To prevent itching and pain in healing period, you can count on NumbSkin cream. Being a lidocaine based solution, it is best to block the nerve endings. So, you won’t feel any itching or pain.

To conclude;

Scabbing on a tattoo is not an indication that your tattoo is infected. However, infected tattoo are more likely to have scabs, but these will also weep fluid and exhibit unfit symptoms.

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