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6 Risk Factors Of Nose Piercing You Cannot Ignore

Posted on May 04 2019

If you are fond of body modifications, chances are that you would love the idea of getting pierced. Body piercing is not new to the world and has been one of the ancient ways of adding as style quotient to your persona. A perforation is made through your skin and these piercings are then fitted with decorations such as studs, rings, and other fittings.

Want to get a new piecing done?

Among all different type of body piercing practices, the one which has been highly popular is nose piercing. It has origin from certain African and Asian traditional practices. From decades it has been practiced as a symbol of status, beauty, and wealth. Even in the modern cultures, this form of piercing is seen as a trendy choice. Across the world many young people, including men and women, love to get it done. As far as its ever rising popularity has been known, it is mainly due to the fact that it changes their facial appearance up to a large extent. For whatever reason you choose this style, you need to know that there are several risk factors linked with the same.

Are there are risks involved with nose piercing?

Similar to all other body modifications, there are a number of risks involved with this too. Make sure you learn about them before you head off for nose piercing.

  • Infection: You need to understand that staphylococcus bacteria are present in a good number in the nasal cavity area. Hence, it is quite common to observe signs of an infected nose piercing such as pus, persistent swelling, aches or pain, and at worse, excessive bleeding. In case, you develop a bump, then it is a likely sign of infection. Usually, a bump is said to occur due to an allergic reaction to the jewelry or poor hygiene.
  • Septal Hematoma: When you experience severe swelling, pain, or difficulty breathing, chances are that you are dealing with septal hermatoma. It occurs when the blood collects between the nasal septum and the perichondrium.
  • Necrosis: When an infection goes untreated, it can lead to necrosis. It is referred to death of tissue in the nasal wall, which can later turn into a severe deformity. In the worst case, the tissue has to be removed.
  • Perichondritis: The infection which is caused by the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa is referred to perichondritis. It generally occurs where the cartilage in your nose becomes inflamed. Even this can lead to tissue death.
  • Swallowing Jewelry: It is not so common, but if you choose a loose-fitting nose ring, you might inhale the same while you are sleeping. And this could lead to choking and death.
  • Rejection: There are certain metals which can cause your body to reject the jewelry. Hence, before you choose any type of jewelry you must manifest what you are going to wear after the perforation has been made. There have been many cases when the body has been found pushing the metal out of the skin or, even worse, absorbing the metal.

Besides, the most common question which comes to on anyone's mind is: Will nose piercings hurt?

Of course, they are not painless. For some it can be sharp and searing pain, while for others it can be a bearable thing. However, if you still want to make it pain-free, make sure to carry a numbing cream with you. A good topical anesthetic solution like NumbSkin cream can make your skin numb for three to four hours. This means, you don’t have to bear unnecessary pain anymore.

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