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3 Real Methods to Manage Laser Tattoo Removal Pain

Posted on August 17 2018

Pain and laser process seems to be intertwined. But it is definitely not more than the regret of having an unwanted tattoo. The good thing is you can make the process pain free with some simple methods. Find out them here.

Laser Tattoo Removal

If you are overlooking the pain linked with laser tattoo removal, it is not a laughing matter. However, the fact is that laser process is one of the most efficient and effective way to get rid of unwanted tattoos. Even the Google search graph has the same story to share.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Over the years, the process has gained popularity for all good reasons. But according to many individuals who have gone through it, getting a tattoo erased hurt loads. So do you need to hold on to your unwanted body art? Is there no way to skip off the agony associated?

Luckily, there are some workable solutions. Below are described 3 ways to curb the pain caused during a laser tattoo removal method.

Use some ice packs: It has been one of the mainstays in compressing the pain connected to different problems. And it looks like to be working for laser process too. Plus, it is easy to prepare, convenient to get, and cost you a little amount.  As cold is a great deterrent to pain, it lowers the temperature of your body which further effect blood vessels and blood circulation. When the blood vessels become narrow it reduces warm blood flowing through the area. It is the same reason which helps ice packs reducing the pain.


  • Ice packs can only be used before and after the procedure.
  • It serves to be a humble and feasible anti-ache warrior.
  • These are safe to use on anyone.


  • It works temporarily.
  • Results are not sure and can vary.
  • This might interfere with the process.

Numb your skin with numbing cream:

The most perfect method to manage pain caused due to laser tattoo removal is use of a topical anesthetic cream. Numbing creams are easily available and serve to be a great pain-management solution. Generally, these are formulated with lidocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine, or prilocaine. While there are creams in various strengths, you can trust any topical anesthetic which comes with 5% lidocaine. Look for a reputed solution like Numb Skin cream.


  • It has been trusted and used by dermatologists worldwide.
  • While it suppresses the pain during the process, it controls itching sensation in later days.
  • You will get relief for around three to found from pain and burning sensation.
  • Produces temporary numbness and loss of sensation to the skin.
  • You can purchase over the counter and without a prescription.
  • No interference with the process.


  • There are nothing like cons as such. But if you are pregnant or suffering from some allergies, you can once consult a doctor.

Sound skin chillers: Referred to as cold-air machines these are modern solutions for keeping pain at bay from laser tattoo removal. Having such machines is common with tattoo-removal clinic. Basically, these operate on the similar principle as ice packs do.


  • They can be used before, during, and even after the laser removal session.
  • It doesn’t require skin-to-skin contact.
  • Works by simply blowing cold air, it makes the skin numb.


  • It will work for the time when you are at the clinic.
  • This can cause a delay in the process.

 Simply, pain management can now be a part of the protocol of tattoo removal. And there are pretty good chances for your doctor or tattoo-removal specialist to recommend any of these methods. Why not be prepared in advance!

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