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How to use numbskin cream?

NumbSkin is a well known anesthetic cream that can be used to numb specific areas of the body before undergoing a painful surgical or cosmetic procedure.

 This numbing cream can stay active for around 4 hours, depending on the amount applied. Based on the feedback from most customers, it has been observed that after application the pain is replaced by a minor tingling sensation.

NumbSkin™ works by blocking the signals of pain sent by the neuron on nerves under the skin. Post application, the target area becomes numb in a matter of 30 seconds.

Follow the instructions carefully to get best results.

It has been found to be very useful in preparing the skin for any procedure, as it induces numbness for almost 4 hours.

NumbSkin™ contains purest form of Lidocaine (in FDA permissible amounts). It can be purchased over the counter. It's the only water based numbing cream that does not interfere with the elasticity of the skin, qualifying it for the safest product in the market.

NumbSkin can be used by home users without any supervision and by professionals too.

Why do you need NumbSkin?

Most people can never make up their mind about getting a tattoo or a body piercing, as they get uncomfortable thinking about the pain involved. They get disheartened when they think of the pain they will have to endure.

Truth be told, you can get a tattoo on any part of your body, be it the biking line or the underarms, NumbSkin will make the pain vanish.

NumbSkin™ is the perfect solution to your apprehensions. Now work on shaping your personality in any way you like and leave the pain to us.

How to use Numbskin

Take a warm/hot shower or clean the area with an alcohol swab - important for maximum absorption.
Apply first layer and rub it on skin evenly. Apply second THICK layer of cream onto the skin evenly, Do not rub it in.

Cover the area with an airtight dressing. Use Tegaderm or saran wrap. Leave it for 50-60 minutes.

After 50-60 minutes (25 minutes is enough for microblading), remove the dressing and wipe away excess cream with a wet towel.

Make sure to follow it - it makes a huge difference!

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