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What To Expect Next Day After Getting Inked?

Posted on September 04 2018

Tattoo is a popular form body art. Its history is as old as the history of man. Making it way all from the Europe, it became common among the exploits of Captain James Cook. And now they are more acceptable in modern culture. Well, getting inked is another thing, but it is highly important first to prepare yourself for all that can happen later!

Tattoo on arm

Tattoos have their own craze. Yes, as per a recent study, about one in five US adults, have one tattoo. It makes 21 percent of the total population, which is really a big number. Back in 2008, it was just 14 percent. Getting inked is becoming popular day by day. Besides, there are many facts and figures which are not known to large number of tattoo lovers. They might have long-term consequences.

Do you know that 1 in 10 people, who get once tattooed, experiences problems with the tattoo? It can be an infection, swelling, redness, or itching. What more fearful is that many people had complications that lingered for years, even after the tattoo was inked!

What can happen after tattoo?

Firstly, it is important to understand that a tattoo is a permanent mark or design created on your skin with pigments. Besides the needle pain inserted onto the skin's top layer there are several other risks and affects you need to learn beforehand.

Check out some of the major affects here:

1. Blood borne diseases

Yes, it can lead to serious and life-threatening disease such as hepatitis B and C, tetanus and HIV. Although it can avoided by taking some necessary precautions, yet for this you need to make a good research for a perfect tattoo studio and experienced artist.

2. Allergic reactions

This one generally happens due to the infusion of ink. Unlike the first one, it is highly common among the people who are allergic to the chemicals present in the ink. Colored inks are more said to cause reactions as they contains metallic dye like iron, mercury, and cadmium. Hence, having colored tattoo might cause you some itchy rash, which can last for two or three weeks.

3. Skin infection

It is often due to poor tattoo aftercare. While if you get it done from a reputable studio, they offer you an aftercare program which is said to decrease infection up to a great level. However, major thing is to keep the new tattoo clean. In case the tattoo swells or becomes inflamed or it starts draining pus, medical attention is needed.

4. Bumps

It is another effect of colored tattoo. Also called as granulomas, occur over the tattoo. They can occur as reactions due to the presence of metals in the dyes.

5. Keloids

You might have seen in many cases red or flesh-colored lumps occur over the tattoo forming a scar. It is due to overgrowth of the tissues, which is said to fade over time. Tattoos might result in scar tissue and form the small knots or bumps around the tattoo. These bumps occur when the body is attempting to remove the foreign substance, i.e. the ink. In this case, if the ink travels to other parts of your body, it can lead to severe future problems.

Even if the artist is working with a sterile needle, a tattoo site can become infected. Yes, this generally happens when bacteria contaminates with the ink used during the process. Symptoms such as red rashes, swelling and pain are a clear indication of the infection. Such type of infection don’t only occur a day after, it can happen two or three weeks later too.

It is advised to make use of an effective numbing cream like NumbSkin that contains 5% Lidocaine effective enough to make you get rid of all such symptoms.

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