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Worst Foods for Hemorrhoids

Posted on September 10 2018

Some foods can worsen your hemorrhoids problem as they trigger inflammation and make your stools hard. Here we have compiled such foods you should say no.

If you have hemorrhoids, you have to take care of certain things to speed up your healing. And food is one of them. While some foods can ease your hemorrhoids, there are some foods that actually worsen your problem.

Dairy products


These foods may increase the inflammation. They can trouble your bowel movements by hardening the stools. Some of them are not easy to digest, leading to other problems like gas.

Here we have listed such WORST FOODS you should avoid during your hemorrhoids.

Strong Spices:

Avoid taking spicy foods like hot peppers and curries as they irritate you stomach. Even worse, they can aggravate your digestive problems. You can take them once your hemorrhoids are treated. The food with excessive spices is not good if your hemorrhoids are bleeding or sore. Sometimes, spicy food may lead to another condition like diarrhea, which make hemorrhoids flare ups even painful.

Deep Fried Foods:

Fried foods are oily, fatty and contain a lot of unhealthy foods. Taking them can worsen your hemorrhoids in two ways. First, they are heavy and hard to digest, slowing down your entire digestive system. As a result, it troubles your bowel movement. This way, it adds to your hemorrhoids woes.

Secondly, fried foods are generally cooked in vegetable oils like soy, corn and rapeseed oil. These oils are inflaming and lead to the damage to the intestinal walls. The damage can aggravate hemorrhoids.

Coffee and Alcohol:

Both caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks may lead to the formation of dry and hard stools. The dry and hard stool will definitely trouble your bowel movements.

Alcohol is dehydrating and may trigger constipation, thereby upsetting the digestive balance in your stomach in intestines. Same thing can be said about coffee. Therefore, you should replace these beverages with water till you hemorrhoids are healed.


Laxatives may help ease constipation being caused by hemorrhoids. However, they can make your hemorrhoids painful. Laxatives helps formication of loose stool that is highly acidic. And having acidic stool is not good for your hemorrhoids. Plus, using laxatives for longer can lead to constipation problems. Laxative are diuretic, letting the fluids to leave the body which in turn triggers dehydration.

Processed Foods:

Processed foods are risky during periods of hemorrhoids flare ups. They are high on certain nutrients, salt and unhealthy fats. Such nutrients lead to poor digestion and constipation. Processed foods like junk food, packaged sweets and processed foods will only add to your pain. Top of that, many processed foods contain inflammation-triggering ingredients.


Dairy products make to this list because they lead to constipation and aggravate hemorrhoids. Although they don’t cause constipation on their won, they can add to constipation discomfort and pain during hemorrhoids. They build up gas, which can lead to pain and stomach cramps if a patient is already constipated. Some studies found that heavy consumption of dairy products may create a buildup of fatty acids in the intestines which further lead to calcium deposits. Consequently, such buildup leads to the accumulation of bulk, which then causes constipation and harder stool.

So you must have understood what to avoid during hemorrhoids. So stick to a healthy diet like…

• Soluble fiber to havesoft and easy to pass stool.
• Beans, nuts and lentils
• Yogurt and kefir
• Pears, plums, berries, grapes, tomatoes and kale
• Take 8-10 glasses of water
• Whole grains

Apart from taking right diet, be mindful of daily activities and toilet habits. See your doctor if your hemorrhoids get worse.

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