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Will Numbing Cream Work For Tattoo Pain?

Posted on August 17 2018

Tattoo pain has been the biggest fear factor refraining people from this form of body modification. Want to know whether a numbing cream will be useful or not? Read on for more details.

Probably you landed here looking for a painless way to get a tattoo, right?
Well, some might say that with use of new tools this body art has become pain free. But the truth is- tattooing is painful. After all, a needle is used to insert into the skin and it is not going to be a comfortable process.

Young woman grimacing while master making tattoo on her hand

With art of tattoos experiencing a revival in popularity, it is a well known fact that these will hurt as well. If anyone claims that he or she didn't feel a thing or they just felt asleep, they are not being honest to you. There are chances that pain can vary from person to person, but it will hurt up to some extent.

Different people follow different methods to curb this suffering. There might be some solutions which can reduce the level of pain, but to remove it at all you will need a solution like Numbskin cream.  Not sure whether it would work or not? Here are answers to all your questions.

Why don't some people use numbing cream?

You will find a lot of people, including some artists, who would refuse to use numbing creams or sprays during tattooing session. While everyone have their own reasons for the same, but most of them boil down to two:

  1. People consider the pain of a tattoo to be the part of the process.
  2. They fear for giving a try to new product like numbing cream.

So if you too belong to that part of community which considers pain to be a part of the process of getting inked, you need to give a try to NumbSkin cream. It is an amazing product to pull down those itching and pain sensations.

How does numbing cream works?

Different numbing creams come with different composition. As far as Numb Skin Cream is concerned, it consists of 5% lidocaine. Being a numbing agent, lidocaine works by blocking the pain signal at the nerve endings. It is also referred to a nerve deadener. Don’t worry; it is not going to kill your nerves. Instead it will temporarily deaden the nerves in the skin. So it prevents those nerves from sending the pain signals to the brain.

It works ideally for all skin types. The ink will sink below the surface of the skin and will be 100% effective for tattoos.

How to apply a numbing cream before getting a tattoo?

The process to numb your skin before getting a tattoo is quite simple. Here’s how:

  1. With a mild soap and warm water wash the target area. This will be helpful in softening the skin and open up the pores.
  2. Gently pat it dry and don’t apply any moisturizer to the area to be inked.
  3. Now apply a thick layer of NumbSkin cream and rub it across the entire target area. If required, you can apply another thick layer of cream.
  4. You need to cover the area with a plastic film in order to prevent the cream from drying off. Actually, this is essential to seal the heat inside the film.
  5. Leave the topical anesthetic cream to take effect. It will take somewhere around 45-60 minutes.
  6. Now it is time to unwrap the plastic film. Also wipe off the excess cream.

You are all ready to get a pain-free tattooing done. All the best!

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