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Why Are Tattoos So Addictive

Posted on September 02 2018

No matter what our society thinks about the prevailing culture of tattoos, they have emerged as a great form of body modification that are used to express oneself and act as a source of self-expression. Tattoos are something personal and memorable that one can cherish for entire life. However, the journey of one tattoo becomes a journey of infinite tattoos in no time. It is hard to get away from the attention that comes along with tattoo.

Brutal handsome man with tattooed body

Once the fire of attention is ignited, it becomes hard to live without tattoos and one starts to think about his/her next tattoo as soon as the previous one is completed. There are many other reasons because of which people get addicted to tattoos. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • The Rush of Adrenaline.
  • Different form of self-expression.
  • Addiction to healing process of tattoo.
  • Tattoos act as a platform of stress relief.

Tattoos can be addictive and you can find many people with enormous amount of tattoos on their skin. But why they become addictive to tattoos? The article shares answers of various tattoo addicts on why tattoo is an addiction for them.

• In love with the pain associated with tattooing

“I can't speak for others, but I've grown to actually enjoy the pain. It's not intense enough to be unbearable, but constant, and I get drawn into a sort of meditative state. Plus when you're done, you've got something (hopefully) awesome and a wicked endorphin high! Source: 38 tattoos.”

• The confidence that tattoo generates is addictive

“Not entirely sure why, but having paint or unnatural markings on my body makes me feel confident and sexy. It’s like a piece of art that's enhancing my own attractiveness just by being in my skin. It also adds a sense of individuality. No one else has my tattoos. Maybe they have similar ones, in similar locations, but these are mine. So when i want more, it's to enhance that feeling of uniqueness.

My roommate (who is even more tatted than i am) says it's because of the novelty of it. Having something new and interesting on our bodies that people often notice and comment on is exciting and incredibly gratifying. So after the novelty of the new tattoo thing wears off, we start to miss that feeling of our tattoos being noticed and complimented all the time, so we get a new one. And the cycle continues.”

• Tattoos- A collection of paintings with beautiful hidden meaning

“I love the beauty of a good tattoo. There's something so satisfying of taking a blank canvas on my skin and having it transformed into a piece of living art. The tattoo will age with me, and always remind me of that time. I love having beautiful things on my skin and I want more beautiful things. To me, it's just like collecting paintings. I love seeing them. I have ideas and placement for my next 5 tattoos planned out, and I get genuinely giddy when I imagine how gorgeous they're going to look for the rest of my life.”

There are many other reasons why people get addicted to tattoos. But if you wish to get any tattoo in near future, be aware of the pain incurred during the entire process. To get rid of the pain associated with tattooing, it is advised to make use of an effective numbing cream like Numb Skin that contains 5% lidocaine effective enough to numb the affected area, making the entire tattooing process painless.

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