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What Women Think Of Men With Tattoos

Posted on September 02 2018

A survey has found that two thirds of women are attracted to men who have tattoos. The research carried out by dating app ‘Type’, found that 64 per cent of women who stated a preference were looking to date men who have had some kind of permanent ink body art.

Studio portrait of bearded hipster man with tattoos on his arms, chest and neck

But is this statement really true? When it comes to Reddit users, we found some mixed statements by women when it comes to tattoos on men. The article shares few such reactions of women on men with tattoos.

Read the article and judge what they think about tattoos on men. If you are a man, read and make points what a woman likes about a tattoo on a man.

• Large number of unplanned tattoos are unattractive

“Even if the tattoos are each individually decent, I still don't like more than 3-4 unrelated and obviously unplanned tattoos. Like, a theme or a sleeve makes it ok. But if you've got random splotches on your back, arm, leg, chest, etc.... starts to look messy no matter what.

On the other hand a really well-planned and unique collection is a major plus.”

• Tattoos are just unattractive

“I find tattoos unattractive. I don't know why. I don't have a problem with people getting them, I just don't find them attractive. A few small ones would be fine though.”

• Neither good nor bad- Tattoos are neutral

“I'm neutral about tattoos, as long as they're not blatantly terrible or offensive. They don't affect my attraction to a person in any way that I've ever noticed either negative or positive.

One of my early moves with my SO was touching his tattoos while asking him about them, though. So providing a good excuse to caress a hot dude's arm isn't the worst thing.”

• Body full of tattoos are so unattractive

“I don't mind them, as long as your body is not covered in 90% tattoos. I prefer tasteful ones for sure. I used to work in a car assembly plant and there were some older men that had lots of tattoos. But it would be random slogans or pictures placed randomly all over their arms and legs! No consistency what so ever. That's a complete turn off for me.

Would I date? Yeah, I think so. I am just wary about bringing home someone that might have a full sleeve. My parents would think they would lead me down the wrong path.”

• More are the tattoos, more is the compatibility

“Yes, the more the better! I've always thought tattoos were super sexy on a guy, ever since I was too young to even have any myself. I might just be attracted to tattoos in general though, because now I have quite a few.

I also find it sometimes easier to date guys with tattoos because they don't fuss over mine or make a big deal about them. Mutual understanding maybe?”

• An original and creative tattoos are always welcome

“I feel the same way when it comes to tattoos on anyone. Male or female.
I'll like them if they are nicely done, original, quirky, and placed tastefully on the body/compliments them. No "tramp stamps" of any kind will ever be seen as even remotely attractive to me. Quite a lot of men have them at the small of their backs just like some women do. No face, neck, hand, or foot tattoos.”

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