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Here is What Celebrities Think about Ink

Posted on August 31 2018

What do celebrities think about their ink? Here we have rounded up their interesting thoughts…

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“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”

--- Johnny Depp (Quoted from Goodreads.com)

."I'm young and I can rock it now and when I get older, I can worry about that later,"

--- Demi Lovato (in an interview)

"You can get very addicted to them. For me it's weirdly enough a family activity. I come from a very big Italian family; tattoos are very popular. So, it’ll be, like, Easter, and we’ll be talking, and we’ll be like, ‘Let’s all go get tattoos!’ And then we get super sentimental, and then the next day I wake up with another butterfly on my foot."

--- Lea Michele (In an interview with Post Modern Ink)

“I am a canvas of my experiences, my story is etched in lines and shading, and you can read it on my arms, my legs, my shoulders, and my stomach.”

--- Kat Von D. (Quoted from Goodreads.com)

"I love them. They're body art. I don't think it's abnormal that someone who spends their life in other skins wants to claim their own by marking things on it that matter to them."

--- Angelina Jolie (as she told Post Modern Ink)

"I got [the tattoos] all over the course of a year of touring, in different countries and different cities. It wasn't so much about what I was tattooing on my body. It was where, the time and place, and the memories,"

--- Ed Sheeran (as quoted by Elle Magazine)

“I like hanging out in tattoo shops. I am so intrigued by tattoos. It’s an entire culture, and I study it.”

Rihanna (Quoted from Dailymail.Co.Uk)

“A tattoo should never be meaningful because at a certain point you're going to hate it, and it might as well make you laugh."

--- Ryan Gosling (as he told the Guardian)

"I don't want to wake up every day and look the same. I'm the kind of person that will go out of their way to purposely make themself look different."

--- Kelly Osbourne (as she told Live with Kelly and Michael)

“Every one of my tattoos means something to me whether it has to do with my family or friends or a life experience. My only advice would be to not get one done when you’re drunk and to make sure it’s meaningful to you because eventually your body changes and it might not look as cool as it did ten years before."

--- David Beckham (In an interview with InStyle)

“Ironically, the tattoo represents the opposite for me today. It reminds me that it's important to let yourself be vulnerable, to lose control and make a mistake. It reminds me that, as Whitman would say, I contain multitudes and I always will. I'm a level-one introvert who headlined Madison Square Garden—and was the first woman comic to do so.”

--- Amy Schumer, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

"It is just perfect for me. I love what it makes me think of. It's like 'keep going, and keep the f****g light on,"

--- Kristen Stewart Stewart has said of her artsy tat.

So these are personal opinions expressed by the celebrities on their tattoos. Do you follow any celebrity for his or her tattoo? If you are looking to get the tattoo like your favorite movie star or pop sensation, make sure to get it done from a good tattoo artist. One more thing—tattoo can hurt. So always use a lidocaine cream to make your tattooing a painless affair.

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