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What Are People Saying About Numbskin

Posted on June 01 2018

NumbSkin has lived up to the expectations of the customers. And their satisfaction is visible in their feedbacks.

Whether it’s tattooing, piercing or laser treatments, NumbSkin ensures painless process. It efficiently dulls the skin for a couple of hours so that you don’t feel the intensity of the process. No wonder that people have something good to say about NumbSkin.

Here’s how our overwhelming consumers are providing feedback about NumbSkin.

NumbSkin is More Effective and Comes in a Leak Proof Packaging

“For me, Numbskin Topical Anesthetic Cream will be worth it as compared to other brands. It has a very good package as seen in the picture and at the same time it has has a shell life of 3 years. Meaning I have nothing to worry if I have leftovers. I just have to keep and store it properly. This makes Numbskin different from others.

Numbskin cream has a good packaging. It's airtight, that's the reason why we can keep it long. The last numbing cream I bought from other brand did not last long, it just leaked, it was wasted because it has a very poor packaging. It cannot be sealed properly. I already learned my lesson that's why I checked first the physical appearance of this Numbskin Anesthetic Cream before I bought it.”

  • A.K

NumbSkin Delivers Long Lasting Effect

“Numbskin Topical Anesthetic Cream is amazing. It worked overtime. I thought it will just last for 2 - 3 hours but it lasted almost 6 hours after it was applied to my skin. I did not encounter any problem during my treatment. And I just learned as well that this is a wonder cream. It has a lot of uses. Wow”

  • Angel

Kudos to Great Customer Support

“Numbskin has a great customer support. It's easy to get in touch with their friendly staff whether through phone, chat, email, fax, mail, name it and they will respond to it. This (is) what I noticed when I initially contacted numbskin when I placed my order. They, in fact, called me back for the status and whereabouts of my order. I am honestly pleased with their service. For me, it's one of a kind. I already dealt with so many companies but I have not experience this treatment before. I would certainly say keep up the good service numbskin (sic)”

  • Doug

 Painless Laser Treatment Made Possible by NumbSkin

“I have been suffering from warts all over my face, neck, and even my chest and breast for many years now. My partner's brother said we can remove this but we need something to numb my skin to be painless. He recommended Numbskin Topical Anesthetic Cream.
Numbskin Topical Anesthetic Cream is really helpful. I just experienced a truly painless laser treatment. I am proud to say that I'm already warts free as well. What's really important with me now has I regained confidence and I am really thankful to Numbskin for without it I am pretty sure I still have those unwanted warts on my skin. By the way, do you have creams to easily heal the wound?”

  • MS Watson

This is how the quality and efficiency of NumbSkin have won over hearts.


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