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Top Moisturizing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted on May 09 2019


Read on this informative blog to find out how to use moisturizer in the right way.)

How well you know about your moisturizer? Do you know how to apply it to your skin?

According to one survey, moisturizer is a widely underused medication among dermatology patients. This may be due to a lack of information about it. Therefore, read on here to find if you are making one of these common moisturizing mistakes.

Top Moisturizing Mistakes You Should Avoid

My Oil Skin Doesn’t Need a Moisturizer:

Most people with oily skin are likely to skip moisturizer. And this is a top moisturizing mistake to avoid.

Even oily skin requires oil and moisture. The skin found on the chin, forehead and the nose remains oily. If you skip the use of moisturizer by just looking at these areas, you can end up with dry and flaky cheeks. Therefore, it is clear that a moisturizer is a must have for all. Go for the one with SPF 15 or higher. You can use olive oil on your face the next day if you forget to apply your moisturizer one day.

Ignoring the Skin under Your Eyes:

The skin underneath your eyes is likely to be the first area to show visible signs of aging. This is because the skin around your eyes is more fragile and thinner. This is why you should use your eye cream regularly. It can help you reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles with continued use over time. Apply it in small dots around the eyes before using your regular moisturizer.

Applying It to the Dry Skin:

If you are like most people, you dry your face with a towel before putting on your moisturizer. Here is a reality check—applying moisturizer to the damp skin can help lock in moisture. And that’s not possible with the dry skin. So use the moisturizer within 3 minutes after taking a bath or washing your face. Just dry it enough so that the skin doesn’t lose its dampness.

Not Rubbing the Moisturizer Gently:

Whether you believe it or not, applying moisturizer is an art. Most people just slap it on or rub in intensely which is not right. The tugging and pulling can damage skin and cause wrinkles as well. Make sure to apply it gently in circular motions using your fingertips. Then, use your ring finger to apply moisturizer and eye cream to your delicate eye area.

Not Performing a Patch Test:

Just like you test a lip shade or eye shadow on the back of your hand before purchasing, do the same process while buying your moisturizer. Make sure to apply the product on a small patch of your skin that can be a neck for a week before using it on the entire skin or face. This helps you determine that if the product is safe for your skin. This advice is really important for people with sensitive skin.

Not Using a Moisturizer with SPF in the Morning:

The importance of wearing sunscreen can’t be sidelined, even on rainy days, cloudy or when the sun is not in the sight. The low level of sun exposure is not good as it adds up over time and may lead to premature wrinkling. Therefore, make sure to buy a facial moisturizer with SPF.

We hope that these facts must have opened your eyes to the use of moisturizer. There is no use of moisturizer if you don’t know how to use it and when to apply it. Right?

What do you think? Do you agree with us? Please let us know by commenting below.

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