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Top 5 Lidocaine Creams For Waxing

Posted on June 10 2018

Waxing gives you smooth and clear skin, but it’s a painful procedure. Using a numbing cream, you can ease out the pain of hair-ridding experience. A numbing cream is used temporarily to desensitize the skin so hair can be easily pulled out from the root without feeling any pain. 


Lidocaine is the most common ingredient found in numbing creams to block the nerve endings and stop the pain from reaching your brain. In this article, we have compiled some most popular products to help you relieve the painful rippling of hair during waxing. These products are easily available over-the-counter and none of them interfere with uplifting hair. However, you need to take some precautions and follow guidelines mentioned in the packing.

  1. NumbSkin

 NumbSkin contains 5% Lidocaine, which is one of the strongest over-the-counter numbing agents. The cream is further made with the endorsement of the Food and Drug Administration to guarantee the maximum standards are met while manufacturing. It helps in decreasing the pain by reaching maximum numbing effect within a few minutes and its impact lasts for up to 90 minutes.

  1. LMX 5 Topical Anesthetic Cream

 LMX 5 is another good topical anesthetic cream made by Ferndale Labs, a well-known pharmaceutical company in the United States that is an expert in dermatological advancements. This numbing cream is intended to work with different skin procedures like waxing, tattoos, piercing, or minor surgeries. The numbing cream is composed of 5 % Lidocaine along with other effective ingredients. One important thing that you must keep in mind using LMX 5 is that it should be allowed to penetrate deep into the skin for sufficient period of time to reach the maximum numbing effect.

  1. Topicaine 5 Topical Anesthetic Gel 

Topicaine 5 is also an effective topical anesthetic gel that comes with 5% Lidocaine concentration, which is sufficient enough to significantly decrease the pain or uneasiness felt during hair elimination. You need to follow the instructions carefully while applying this gel to achieve the maximum numbing effect. The directions given on the leaflet are straightforward and easy to understand. For better outcome, you must apply a slight amount of this numbing cream on the afflicted portion and allow it to penetrate the skin until the targeted site becomes totally numb. The typical time taken by this cream to show its effect is about 60 minutes and it continues up to 90 minutes.

  1. Hush Anesthetic Numbing Gel

 Highly endorsed by FDA, the Hush Anesthetic Numbing Gel is a good product to provide instant numbing effect when undergoing waxing. It is a clear gel with 4% Lidocaine concentration, and also contains natural plant concentrates such as aloe vera. The advantage of this product is that it is non-greasy and ensures it has not been tested on animals. But you need to be careful with the application of this product. This is because the numbing cream loses its effectiveness quickly compared to other numbing creams available on the market.

  1. Lidocaine Plus Maximum Strength


Lidocaine Plus Maximum Strength is an effective numbing cream which is available at a moderate price and works amazingly on people who need torment help without spending too much on a single product. This numbing cream comes in combination with aloe vera and contains 4% Lidocaine. The water-based numbing cream is good for individuals with sensitive skin. Its numbing effect begins within a few minutes of its application and as the maximum effect is reached when the cream completely penetrated into the skin within an hour and a half and lasts for around 60 minutes.

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