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Top 10 Least Painful Places For Women To Get A Tattoo (Part 2)

Posted on June 26 2018

Women love tattoos but hate pain. If you are in fear of tattoo pain, lidocaine cream has your answer. Besides, there are 10 such areas which will painless when you get inked. Explore.

Interested in getting tattooed?

But wait! Are you aware of the fact that tattooing is painful? Yes, it pains. Actually it includes insertion of the needle and this is not a comfortable experience. How painful the process will be, depends on number of factors including tattoo size and skin’s sensitivity. Another there is a major factor which will affect the level of pain – placement of your tattoo.

Are you new to tattooing? Do you fear too much for pain?

Here are some locations to choose from:


Imagine yourself wearing your favorite skirt and flaunting that classy tattoo design on your shin. Yes, below the knee and above the ankle, that space in between caters to be an excellent spot to get a tattoo. For best results you can place it on the outer area of your shin, keeping it away from the bone. If you want it to be relatively less painful, you can go for a large tattoo which covers half your leg. These look really lovely with cropped jeans and shorts.

Finger tattoo

Another place to spot a pain free tattoo is your finger. The only concern is that you will have to look for a small size tattoo. You need to understand that it shouldn’t be near the bone. Keep it to the sides and you can reduce the pain up to a great extent. Or you can go for the top of the finger.


The best thing about neck tattoos is that these are really easy to handle. It is just that you need to stay away from the spine. Becoming incredibly popular, these are a prime choice of female today. If it is your first time, you can think if breaking into the tattoo world, choosing this location. You can go for the most common place, i.e. behind the ear.


Those butterflies on stomach look voguish, right? While these are just plain cool, you will get a lot of space. Get them placed on your lower abdomen or around your belly button. So next time when you wear a bikini, your tattoo will be centre of attraction.



Usually men prefer the chest area. But nowadays even women are seen opting for a chest tattoo. It will not pain much as there aren’t many nerve endings. You can select some astonishing designs, covering your entire chest. These will look awesome with shirts and bathing suits. Plus, you don’t need to deal with any crazy amount of pain.

Are you interested in any of these? Here you need to understand that these areas are relatively less painful. Hence, there would be some amount of pain caused. Need to make it completely pain-free? You can trust a lidociane cream for this purpose.

Buy Numb Skin cream and you can achieve a painless tattoo. Actually, it consists of 5% lidocaine which is a numbing agent. When applied to the skin, it blocks the pain signals at the nerve endings. Hence, you will not feel any pain. Problem solved?

Remember, choosing a right tattoo takes time. Did you find any suitable, painless location among these? Want to know few more options? Let’s keep it for the next post.


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