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The Strongest Lidocaine Creams That Are Available Otc

Posted on June 09 2018

Lidocaine is one of the easily available over-the-counter numbing medications on the market. It is used by many people to alleviate the pain while getting a tattoo, cosmetic procedures, or some minor surgeries. While lidocaine is the most common ingredient in many numbing creams, all the topical anesthetics containing lidocaine are not same. This is because these numbing creams contain lidocaine in different concentrations and also include some different ingredients along with this active agent.

Lidocaine Creams That Are Available Otc

How Long Will 5% Lidocaine Work For?

5% lidocaine is the strongest amount over-the-counter approved by FDA in the United States. It is used to keep your skin numb from an hour up to ninety minutes. This duration of numbness depends on other biological factors as well, but for most people, this numbing duration remains the same. last somewhere in this range

In this article, we will discuss some of the easily available lidocaine creams over-the-counter.


  1. Ebanel Numb 520 (5% Lidocaine)

Ebanel Numb 520, containing 5% Lidocaine, is a popular and one of the powerful topical numbing creams available on the market today. This topical analgesic begins working within just three to five minutes and help in numbing pain, discomfort, and burning sensations. Utilizing the power of liposomal technology, this cream is able to reach the maximum numbness effect in just twenty minutes and can last for an hour.

  1. NumbSkin Cream

 NumbSkin includes 10.56% lidocaine, hence, a common local anesthetic to relieve burning, itching, and pain caused by skin inflammations due to tattooing, skin and cosmetic procedures, and minor surgeries. Combined with 1.5 mg of Methyl-paraben, the topical anesthetic has an extended shelf life for up to three years. Its numbing effect lasts for a couple of hours soon after is an application. The anesthetic works by blocking the pain signals sent by the neuron on nerves under the skin. The target area becomes numb in just 30 seconds, post application.

  1. Zensa Maximum Strength Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream 


Zensa Maximum Strength Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream is another effective FDA approved medication featuring 5% lidocaine. This anesthetic cream offers a numbing sensation within a few minutes. The cream needs to be applied in two layers five minutes apart for getting the maximum effect. In certain cases, Zensa has been observed to last up to three hours. This is the longest numbing effect given by any topical anesthetic. Due to its long lasting effect, this cream has been preferred by the tattoo community, hair removal clinics, as well as clinics conducting various minor skin procedures. The cream won’t constrict blood circulation, hence, considered one of the most effective numbing creams available in body ink and art world. It doesn’t constrict any blood, making it especially useful in the world of body art and ink.

  1. Numb Master (5% Lidocaine)

Numb Master contains 5% Lidocaine as the active ingredient, hence, is the fast acting numbing gel that can last for up to an hour. This cream utilizes the strong form of liposomal lidocaine, which leads to deeper penetration, leading to a very strong numbing effect. The cream has been made in the USA, approved by FDA. It can be applied to up six times a day, depending on the duration of usage and the skin procedure. Some people are known to experience the maximum numbing effects within 20-25 minutes, post application. For those who need to utilize a lot of lidocaine cream, the Numb Master cream is a good solution - as it won’t lead to side effects even after applying it for the sixth time in a single day.

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