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Tattoos That Can Make You Remember Your Past

Posted on August 30 2018

When it comes to tattoos, they are treated as the perfect medium to express your emotions. Hence, when you wish to get a tattoo to make sure the tattoo represents your personality; else it will turn into a regret that you will wish to get rid of as early as possible.

The article shares the list of few tattoo designs that will make you remember your past and will be with you forever.

1. Medieval Era Tattoos

armor tattoo on man's arm

Imagine the medieval era and your mind is likely to be filled with the scenes of kings, queens, kingdom, knights, religious faith and Renaissance. Medieval time was fascinating and worth fantasizing about love and courage. Well, we can’t bring back the time unless the invention of the time machine. But one thing we all can do and that is to celebrate the time with tattoos.

Yeah, we are talking about medieval tattoos carrying the essence of a glorious time. From armor, knights, crusades, to castles, there are many popular medieval tattoos to choose from. Here we have rounded up the middle ages tattoos according to the latest trend.

2. Sailor Tattoos

swallow tattoo design on hands

When it comes to tattoos, you can go back as far the 1700s to trace the invention of sailor tattoos. It is said that Captain James Cook came across Maori of the South Pacific and it was this place where his crew decided to get tattoos as a symbol of their visit. Soon after the relationship between tattoos and sailors got robust and it was 1900 when US government decided that anyone with an "obscene" tattoo would not be allowed in the Navy.

• Swallow tattoos
• Anchor tattoos
• Shark tattoos
• Hawaii tattoos
• Nautical star
• Rope on the wrist

3. Semicolon Tattoos- There is an end to nothing

semicolon tattoo design

You may have used semicolon a number of times while writing. However, have you ever wondered what does it mean? Just have a look at your dictionary to find the true meaning of it. It states, “Semicolon is a punctuation mark (;) used to join two independent clauses in a sentence.” Therefore, usage of the semicolon is to relate the two ideas.
So, if you get a semicolon (;) tattoo on your skin, it will mean that it is not an end to anything and new experiences shape the life. It symbolizes to stay strong and implicitly explains that life is continued or to be continued. Two separate thoughts get a meaning through semicolon tattoos.

4. Hannya Tattoos

Hannya tattoo design

Many designs have been inspired by the history and when history meets the present art, it turns out to be something worth applauding. These days you might have encountered people with design carrying two sharp bull-like horns, metallic eyes, and leering teeth. But most of them might not be familiar with it. They are Hannya Tattoos.

There are a variety of designs linked with Hannya Tattoos and all depict different stages of the following emotions:

• Good Luck
• Anger, Jealousy, and Resentment
• Love and Passion
• Wisdom
• Torturous Female Spirit
• Pure Evil
• Haunted past

Choose any of the above-mentioned tattoos but be aware of the pain associated with the tattooing process. To get rid of the pain incurred during the process, make use of an effective numbing cream like Numb Skin to numb the affected area and make the entire tattooing process painless.

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