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6 Must-Follow Skin Care Tips for Nomadic Women

Posted on September 04 2018

Nature has blessed us with rivers, mountains, forests, oceans, deserts and much more. Each gift of nature is worth exploring and spending some time there. Isn’t it? The nomadic soul of every woman wishes to fly to all parts of world and discover the exquisiteness. If you also have the same feelings, don’t stop yourself. Pack your bags and get set to explore the different locations. What? You worry for your skin?

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Definitely, the biggest fear of a woman is the dull appearance of her skin. Travelling to far away locations make you feel free, but yes, it make your skin free to different environmental factors, weather conditions, pollutions and much more. But, that doesn’t mean you need to stop chasing your dream or allow your skin to become unhealthy.

Here are listed few tips to keep your skin glowing and beautiful, even when you are all set to be the nomadic you! Have a look:

1. Healthy food

It is highly important in your life to consume a balanced and healthy diet. But, when you are travelling it become essential to have diet high in essential vitamins and antioxidants. You need to make sure your food is high in Vitamin E, A and C. Similarly, stuff loaded with antioxidants is a great choice for those with delicate skin.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

Remember, in order to remain healthy, your entire body needs proper hydration. Hence, when you are out, drink lots of purified or spring water. It is a key to happy healthy skin. Therefore, whole day long drink plenty of water and increase it when you play hard. You can carry your own purifier and rest assure on clean water.

3. Use natural oil as a moisturizer

Definitely, your skin needs to be moisturized and when you are traveling, the need increases manifold. Keeping a handy moisturizer seems to be a good idea. However, your skin needs extra care and nothing heals better than nature. Well, as you are exploring through nature, steal the benefits from there itself. It can be any natural oil, a coconut oil or olive oil. These natural ingredients have the amazing power of external hydration, which is beneficial for your skin to keep it radiant and glowing.

4. Always carry alcohol free wipes

You will face dust, pollution and much more. In order to cleanse and keep your skin fresh, it is essential to prepare in advance. Thus, during travels keep your face cleaners in top list. Though there are several products you can count on, yet it is recommended to go for alcohol free wipes. When it is time to cleanse or freshen up, they serve to be the easiest and most perfect way out. Unlike other cleaners, these wipes do not dry out your skin, cause breakouts, or spill in your backpack. And, yes they are eco- friendly too!

5. Protection from sun

You already know this, but the list to keep your skin healthy while travelling seems to be incomplete without it. Hence, wear a sunscreen or you can use some protective clothing to save your skin from the damaging sun rays. Remember, sun over exposure can damage the elastic and collagen tissues. Moreover, they lead you to several problems like cancerous skin lesions, wrinkles, and much more.

6. Avoid smoking and drinking

You are out to enjoy your life, but not to ruin your skin. Excess of smoking and alcohol consumption is the major reason behind those premature wrinkles, skin spots, etc. So, say a clear no to both, while you are travelling.

Hence, whether you're driving to a hill station, or jetting halfway around the world, there's nothing to stop you. Looking good is no more a difficult task!

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