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Say Good-Bye To Painful Waxing Sessions Right Now!

Posted on August 17 2018

Now you can make your waxing session a breeze. Having painless waxing gets easier, find out how?

 Those unwanted body hair can embarrass you for number of reasons. Want to get rid of them?

 Certainly, the two prior choices include – waxing and shaving. Now what to choose? This doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You can just check out from the Google search results here.

Waxing Stats Aug 2018

Clearly, waxing is a more preferred choice when it comes to methods used for removing unwanted hair. But even then you need to know that the process includes removal of hair from the roots.

Yes, the strands are pulled out of the roots with the help of wax and waxing strips. And this action causes pain. While the level of pain might vary from person to person, everyone is not brave enough to handle the pain of waxing.

Man Screaming While Waxing His Leg with Wax Strip

What if you get to know some ways to make it painless? Here is something for you:

Trust a numbing cream

The best and most efficient way to overcome the pain during process is use of a numbing cream. You can count on Numbskin Cream for this purpose. It helps reducing the pain without interrupting the process of waxing.

It is just that you must know how to apply numbing cream when you are going for a waxing session. Want to know?

Here are 5 simple steps to use a numbing cream for waxing:

  1. Clean your skin: You need to wash the area to be treated using soap and water.
  2. Dry your skin: Pat it gently using a clean towel.
  3. Apply: Next use a thick layer of numbing cream and gently massage it over the skin.
  4. Cover: With a plastic wrap to cover the area (to let the cream work) and keep it for 45 minutes.
  5. Uncover to get, set, and go!

Within 45 minutes of application it will produce a numbing sensation. Basically, it is a topical anesthetic which deadens the nerve ending on the skin. So application of this numbing cream doesn’t let you feel pain during the session.

 Besides, do remember these DON’Ts to make your waxing session easy.

 Avoid painkillers: If you think that taking a painkiller will help reducing the pain, you need to consider the option again. Having it before your waxing session can help thinning of your blood. This can further make the process more difficult for you.

 Avoid coffee: Caffeine can stimulate the nerve ending and make you even more sensitive to pain. So it is better to skip your morning coffee on the waxing day.

 Avoid periods: If you wish to make waxing less painful, don’t choose those days when your body is more sensitive. Going to your waxing parlor during your periods will be more problematic.

 Avoid shaving: Experts believe that it is not a good idea to shave between waxes. You must avoid it for several days before a wax. Reason being, shaving can make your hair coarse and hard. So, waxing will eventually turn out to be more painful to remove coarse hair. Just let them grow naturally until your next waxing session.

 These were some simply tips to help minimize pain and discomfort during waxing. Rest, you can leave it all to your numbing cream!

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