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Research- An Important Ingredient For Satisfied Tattoo

Posted on June 08 2018

Research plays an important part when it comes to the job of a scientist or a blogger. But have you ever imagined that it plays an equally important part when it comes to tattooing? Surprised? No wonder, so many people with tattoo out there look cool but how much research they did to reach out the perfect tattoo design is the real hard work they did and the one who failed to do the research prior to tattooing, mostly ended up regretting their tattoo.

Don’t be the part of the league who regret their tattoo later on because of in-efficient tattoo design. A thorough research is the major phase of the inking process.


Pic Credit:- higherperspectives.com

Getting a tattoo contains 5 elements: SHAPE

  • S- Selection of design.
  • H- Healthy diet.
  • A- Aftercare of the tattoo.
  • P- Pain.
  • E- Eagerness of getting a tattoo.

The article shares the story of Kevin who ended up loving his tattoo just after 6 months of getting it.

A Short Term Relationship with my Tattoo…

The one thing that was constantly floating in my mind since the age of 15 was a tattoo on my skin. Most of my friends were wearing a tattoo on their body by the age of 18. My urge to get a tattoo landed me in a tattoo salon near me. With no idea in my mind, I met a tattoo artist and he approved to make a tattoo on my biceps. We hardly made conversation for 5 minutes and there was no discussion on tattoo design and I was so excited that I even didn’t bother to take a look at his salon to check the hygiene level of it.

So, I booked an appointment after the 5 days of my visit. I was nervous and no-where in my mind there was an idea of tattoo design. On the day of the appointment, I reached early at the tattoo salon and the first thing he asked was what kind of tattoo design I wish on have on me? His question was like the most difficult question of the 3 hours exam. It took me 5 minutes to answer his question and I answered saying, “Let’s discuss any good idea popping in your mind.”

He showed me few sample designs on the internet and in just 10 minutes I finalized my tattoo design. He started the procedure of tattooing with the application of numbing cream which helped me to bear the pain of inking. It took him around 30 minutes to end his tattoo session and gift me with my first tattoo ever.

Initially, I loved my tattoo a lot but as the time passed I realized tattoo never represented me. Whenever someone asked me the relevance of tattoo on me, I never had any answer to that question. And with time I started losing interest in my tattoo. After 6 months of getting my tattoo, a stage was reached when this tattoo on my biceps started irritating me and I hated it a lot. So, I took a harsh decision to get rid of the tattoo by undergoing laser treatment. Today, I am left with no tattoo, but definitely, I will get a tattoo later in my life but only after thorough research, the tattoo that will suit my personality and answer to all on behalf of me.

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