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Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Tattoos

Posted on February 18 2018

Some say tattoos are like stores and symbolic of the important life moments. Some opine that tattoos stand for self-discovery. Some associate tattoo with prison culture. Well, these are thoughts of celebrities, authors and iconic people over tattoos.

Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Tattoos

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Here we have compiled such interesting thoughts about tattooing.

“Tattoos are like stories - they're symbolic of the important moments in your life. Sitting down, talking about where you got each tattoo and what it symbolizes, is really beautiful.”

  • Pamela Anderson

“Tattoos exude pain and pleasure all at the same time.”


“Usually all my tattoos came at good times. A tattoo is something permanent when you've made a self-discovery or something you've come to a conclusion about.”


“You have to think hard with a tattoo. 'What will I love for the rest of my life?”

  • Kate Upton

“I have a lot of tattoos. My first tattoo I had when I was a teenager was just a little heart. I am very friendly with a great artist, Scott Campbell, and I started going to him to get tattoos. I'm very spontaneous about what I get.”

  • Marc Jacobs

“I have one. I may get another during the off-season, I might get my son's name but I'm not sure yet. The one I have is my Hebrew name, which I share with my grandfather, and it's not the best tattoo.”

  • Adam Pally

“Tattoos are synonymous with prison culture. However, their origin in the prison system is far from the status symbol they are today. For centuries, tattoos were used as a means of identification, and to mark the accused so that everyone who saw their ink would know they were and, many times, the nature of their crimes.”


“And this tattooing, had been the work of a departed prophet and seer of his island, who, by those hieroglyphic marks, had written out on his body a complete theory of the heavens and the earth, and a mystical treatise on the art of attaining truth; so that Queequeg in his own proper person was a riddle to unfold; a wondrous work in one volume; but whose mysteries not even himself could read, though his own live heart beat against them; and these mysteries were therefore destined in the end to moulder away with the living parchment whereon they were inscribed, and so be unsolved to the last.”


“I noticed that I got a better space in the line in Starbucks when I had my tattoo. People associate tattoos with a certain edge. Then I open my mouth, and something completely different comes out.”

  • Wentworth Miller

“The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.”


“Tattoos are permanent and a lifelong commitment the same as marriage.”

  • Chester Bennington

So these are some interesting quotes that define tattoos.

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