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Popular Tattoo Quotes for Women

Posted on May 10 2019


Here is a list of some popular tattoo quotes for women that give feminism a new meaning.)

There are endless tattoo quotes for women. Or they can create the one which best match their ideology. Like their tastes, tattoo quotes are wonderful way to “unleash” your personality. Besides, they can be inspirational.

Popular Tattoo Quotes for Women

Tattoos can be inked anywhere from head to toe. Most women like short tattoo quotes that look elegant and trendy as well.

Here we have rounded up some meaningful tattoo quotes for women. We hope that you find the one among them which can define you.

Believe in Your Dream:

What could be more short and simple than this one! Get it on your wrist to raise your oomph factor.

Stay Strong:

Feeling low? No matter if you’re taken down by a stressful event, this quote is a must have for uplifting spirits. What about getting it on your inner wrist?

Accept No One’s Definition of Your Life; Define Yourself:

You have your own thoughts, own beliefs. Nobody can define you better than yourself. Best for the one who get easily influenced by other’s thoughts or prejudices!  And hand is the nice place to get it!

Live…Love… Laugh:

Such tattoos inspire you to live your life to the fullest. It will look great on your arm.

Without Struggle, There is No Progress:

Nothing in life is just served on a platter. You have to give it your sweat and tears. And this tattoo just says it all. Get it on your ribs.

The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just to Love and Be Loved in Return:

Yeah, that’s a longer one. So get it on your upper back. This tattoo quote will define you as a person who believes in exchange of love and compassion.

Believe in Your Dream:

It is short, cute and above all, motivational. And it will look wonderful on you wrist. Just give it a try.

Faith, Family and Strength:

A wonderful example of inspiration made into a tattoo! Consider it getting on large parts like the back or the ribs.

For Those I Love, I Will Sacrifice:

Enlarged tattoos create a message of their own. They keep the onlooker engaged for longer. This tattoo shows you as the person who can do anything for his loved ones. It will look awesome on your ribs.

Endless Love!

This is all time classic. Get it in an italic font. It will look great on shoulder, ankle or the inner side of your wrist.

So these are some wonderful tattoo quotes for women that not only define them, but also help them feel spirited in tough time.

You must be excited to get one of them. Right?

However, there are many things to ponder over to get your tattoo quote in the right color, right shape. Here’s how…

  • Which Color Do You Want for Your Tattoos? Do You Want to Keep it Bold? Or want to use color to lighten it.
  • Is the Font Readable?
  • Do you want to have just words? Or you want to add some illustrations
  • English or Foreign Language?
  • Is it of your taste?

Make sure to get them done from an experienced tattoo artist. One more thing—tattoos are painful (though it depends on your pain threshold as well as the part you are getting them at). So, consider a good numbing cream like NumbSkin to dull your tattooing pain.

What do you think? Do you have some wonderful tattoo quotes to share with us? Please drop them in the comment box given below.

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