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Microblading Aftercare for Your Care

Posted on April 16 2018

Microblading is no doubt a treat of science for all the women in the world. It is the perfect panacea for all your early loud alarms reminding you to wake up to get some cosmetics on to flaunt everywhere you go. It is a form of semi-permanent makeup used to fill in the scarce brows and the trend is on rise.

Microblading Aftercare for Your Care

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As per the statistics of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Non-Surgical procedures contributed 42% in total of $13 billion spent by Americans on cosmetic procedures in 2015. This number has increased by 44% over last five years. Microblading emerged as one such procedure and is gaining lot of popularity worldwide.

Your huge investment in time and money on Microblading treatment bear fruitful result depends on how you care your treated area after the treatment.

Let’s divide this section into 3 parts: Absorb; Wash and Moisturize.

1. Absorb ( To be followed on the day of treatment)

Lymph fluid oozes out after the treatment and it is advised to use a clean cloth to dry the area by absorbing the excess lymph fluid. Repeat the procedure for whole day with 5 minutes frequency until the fluid vanishes. It is important that your lymph don’t get hard and following this step avoids hardening of the lymph.

2. Wash ( To be followed for first week)

·         Use your clean fingertips and an antibacterial soap at the start and end of every day.

·          Gently clean your eyebrows for 15 seconds and wash with water making sure that all the soap has rinsed away.

·         Gently pat with clean tissue to dry the area.

3. Moisturize ( To be followed for first week)

·         Before applying the aftercare ointment, make sure that the treated area is completely clean and your fingers are clean to apply it.

·         Take a small amount of aftercare ointment on to your clean finger and apply it on the micro bladed area.

·         The quantity of ointment to be used is half of that the size of rice grain.

·         The aftercare ointment should be used twice per day for quick and natural healing process.

4.   2nd week after the treatment

There is no need to apply the aftercare ointment anymore but make sure to continuously wash the micro bladed area gently before the start and end of the day.

Apart from the above mentioned points avoid the following things for at least 14 days after the treatment for effective results:

·         Gym or any sort of exercising;

·         Sports;

·         Swimming;

·         Any activities causing sweat;

·         Drinking alcohol in excess;

·         Touching the micro bladed area frequently;

·         Using cosmetics;

·         Exposure to sun;

·         Peeling or scratching the treated area;

·         Any chemical treatment;

·         Tasks like heavy household cleaning;

·         Sauna;

·         Bringing hairs in contact with your brows;

·         Sleeping on your face and

·         Facials

Before going ahead with the procedure, make sure you thoroughly research about the treatment and openly discuss with your physician about the allergies you have.

 If you think about the pain, the pain varies from person to person. Mostly the experts use effective topical numbing cream for your painless treatment. Numbing cream contains lidocaine which are effective to numb your skin and make the treatment pain free.


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