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Make An Effective Use Of Lidocaine Creams

Posted on June 23 2018

Lidocaine Creams are topical anesthetics that work perfectly well by blocking the nerve signals in your body. However, Lidocaine Creams too follow the old saying, “Excess of everything is bad”. If used in limited and prescribed quantities, its results are highly effective. However, an overdose of numbing creams results in fatal and severe side effects.

Lidocaine Creams

Numbing creams are available in the market in a wide range and it is very important that you chose a quality product out of all those available. Focus on the main purpose you wish to use numbing cream and check for various feedbacks of same before purchasing it.

After the purchase, the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is to follow the guidelines as mentioned in the product; else you can face some fatal results.

Working with Lidocaine Creams…

Skin numbing creams come into action when you are going ahead with anybody modification or some other small surgical treatment. They are the topical anesthetics that work by numbing the skin deep below the surface.

You can avail numbing creams in varying strengths and are available OTC or by prescription. The major ingredients used in the numbing creams are Lidocaine and prilocaine. You are highly advised to follow the standard instructions as listed on the cream. However, prolonged use or misuse of these lidocaine creams, during and after the procedure may prove lethal.

Side – Effects of Numbing Creams 

The inappropriate or enormous dosage of numbing creams is highly dangerous as these huge amounts may send lethal doses of fatal chemicals into their bloodstream, especially when the plastic wrap is used.

The common side-effects of prolonged uses of numbing creams include – irregular heartbeats, seizures, and even death.

Stay Safe and protected with Numbing Creams

The FDA guidelines urge patients to be extremely cautious while using the skin numbing creams. Don’t leave the creams on for too long and don’t use a large amount of numbing cream onto the larger skin areas as it will increase the risks associated with the numbing creams. Apart from this, direct application of the cream onto the skin areas is also not advisable.

Make use of only such creams that contain FDA approved quantities of Lidocaine ingredient.

Recommended Precautions

Numbing creams or topical anesthetics are OTC drugs that comprise lidocaine, benzocaine, and prilocaine.

Applying numbing cream under supervision is highly advisable, but applying a large amount of numbing cream on the skin can lead to severe side effects.

Make full use of numbing cream before a tattoo or a cosmetic procedure under the supervision of a trained health professional. This definitely blocks the way of side effects which may take birth on the person applying too much of numbing cream on the skin without supervision.

Side effects of overuse of numbing cream included irregular heartbeat, breading issues, seizures and even coma.

“Your body is a temple. You should take proper care of it. If you have decided to go ahead with some sort of body modification, you should also get acquainted with proper usage of numbing creams.”

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