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Lidocaine Cream for Hemorrhoids-- Does it Really Work?

Posted on August 31 2018

Can lidocaine cream give relief from sensation and pain caused by hemorrhoids? Find the answer here…

Lidocaine cream or numbing cream is used for desensitizing the skin before the painful processes like tattooing, piercing, surgical incisions and laser treatments. Apart from this, it is an unconventional treatment for various skin problems like itch, mosquito bites and burning sensation. In fact, the medications of these conditions may contain lidocaine as one of their ingredients. The reason is pretty simple—lidocaine dulls the skin so that you don’t feel pain or discomfort for a while.

Can lidocaine cream work in hemorrhoids?

Well, it can. Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in and around the veins, causing burning sensation and pain in your “rear”. It even aggravates when you pass stool or in a sitting position. The swelling is made worse by the increased pressure on the veins during the bowel movement.

Here lidocaine cream desensitizes the skin patch. Thus, you don’t feel the pain or flare ups for a couple of hours.

How Lidocaine Cream Works

Lidocaine cream is a topical anesthetic. It dulls the pain receptors beneath the skin so that they can’t send pain signals to the brain. When you apply the cream, you don’t feel pain during the processes.

Lidocaine cream is not an authorized treatment for hemorrhoids. Despite that fact, it soothes the pain and sensation faster than the prescribed medication.

Why to Use Lidocaine Cream for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are not an easy condition to live with, although it is treatable. You have bloody and painful bowel movements. You feel troubled while sitting on the hard surfaces. In some cases, the condition affects your ability to walk. The flare up can be worse when you use the toilet. Leaving them untreated may make them chronic, according to the popular belief.

There are several OTC creams and medications for hemorrhoids. However, they may fail to give you quick relief. In other words, they may take time to give you relief.

In such scenario, lidocaine cream is your best investment. It gives you instant relief from pain and itch caused by hemorrhoids.

How to Use Lidocaine Cream for Hemorrhoids

Lidocaine cream should be used carefully. Here are the instructions you should follow while using the cream for hemorrhoids.

• Wash your skin with warm water to clear off debris. Use paper tissue to pat dry
• Use numbing cream liberally to the affected area
• Within couple of hours, you experience that your skin is numbed

And Precautions Should Be Followed…

• Don’t use the cream if you are allergic to lidocaine.
• If you have health conditions, especially associated with the heart or the liver, avoid using the cream.
• If you have experiencing chickenpox, herpes simplex skin infection or parasitic skin infection, don’t use the cream.
• Or if you are a nursing mother or pregnant.

In the above listed conditions, please ask your doctor if you can use numbing cream.

Don’t use the cream on bruised or broken skin as it can get into your blood stream.

Try These If You Can’t Use Lidocaine Cream

If you have the above mentioned health conditions or your doctor hasn’t advised you to use lidocaine cream, you can use these simple home remedies.

• Apply ice pack to your hemorrhoids to ease swelling and pain. The cooling effect will dull the area and constrict the swollen veins.
• Use witch hazel pads or liquid to your hemorrhoids every time you visit bathroom.
• Apply an OTC hemorrhoid cream.

See your doctor if there is no improvement in your hemorrhoids!

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