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Lidocaine Cream During Pregnancy- Safe To Use?

Posted on June 21 2018

Vaccinations play a vital role to keep a pregnant woman and her baby in pink of the health. No doubt, immunizations are highly important but dealing with painful shots for every woman who gets regular booster shots is a real problem and is frustrating at same time. However, apart from these vaccinations, there are certain medicines that should not be taken during pregnancy.


During this phase of time of a woman, is it advisable to use lidocaine creams to avoid the pain of shots during pregnancy? Lidocaine creams contain two important ingredients: Lidocaine and Prilocaine that are known as local anesthetics. They both work effectively to numb regions that would some way or another feel painful.

The article shares some details on whether lidocaine creams are safe for a pregnant woman or not.

Get acquainted with Lidocaine Cream…

Lidocaine has been placed in the pregnancy category B and there are few reports that mention some negative effects of the lidocaine on infants born to mothers using this anesthetic. The most probable reason behind these negative impacts is the excessive use of lidocaine. If the normal dosage of Lidocaine is maintained, such severe outcomes are unlikely to occur.

When it comes to the doctor, they prescribe this anesthetic for established medical needs as lidocaine quickly passes through the placenta. Lidocaine can also be used as an epidural during labor and there are no side effects reported as such from the epidural use of lidocaine.

What can be incurred from various studies on Lidocaine?

  • A study was conducted on more than 229,000 women. Out of all these women, 700 were exposed to Lidocaine. The study revealed no side effects on any woman- pregnancy complications or birth defects associated with lidocaine use.


  • Lidocaine and Prilocaine have given positive results according to various studies in the case of pregnancy. According to the study, no negative symptoms- pregnancy confusions or conception deformities were demonstrated with the use of lidocaine. Different studies took place on Lidocaine, but the results were same- There don’t seem to be any negative impacts on pregnancy when Lidocaine is utilized.


  • No side effects were observed even with lidocaine use while breastfeeding. Lidocaine is found in breast milk and no allergic reactions have occurred while its usage. However, it is important to note that if your infant shows any sort of allergic reaction after breastfeeding, contact your doctor on an immediate


Important guidelines regarding Lidocaine creams…

If it is really important to make use of lidocaine cream during the pregnancy, make sure that you use the cream containing FDA approved concentration of Lidocaine (5%). Also, keep in mind to not to use numbing cream onto the wounds or cuts, or other places from where it can enter into the bloodstream. Immediately seek medical advice from your doctor if you see any side-effects occurring because of the application of lidocaine cream during pregnancy. It is also advised to take consultation from your doctor before starting the use of numbing cream during your pregnancy period.

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