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Lidocaine Cream and Its Applications

Posted on August 29 2018

Lidocaine Cream is a topical anesthetic or numbing medication that works by blocking the nerve signals in the body. The pain and all sort of discomfort caused by various skin irritations like insect bites, sunburn, minor cuts, scratches, or burns are alleviated with the application of lidocaine cream. The active ingredient residing in the cream is lidocaine that is effective enough to treat the rectal discomfort caused by various anorectal diseases like hemorrhoids, psoriasis, etc.

Numbskin cream


Uses of Lidocaine cream:

  • It is used to stop pain caused by skin or cosmetic procedures
  • It is used to ease out pain from skin irritations
  • It is used to treat signs of hemorrhoids or rectal irritation

The article shares a few applications of lidocaine cream in detail. So, if you are about to go ahead with any of the below-mentioned body modification procedures, read the article and get acquainted with it.

• Tattoos

Tattoos are medium of expressing your thoughts and this form of body modification is famous amongst people of all age groups since time immemorial. In the USA, there are 14% of Americans with at least one tattoo and there are 36% of Americans aging between18-25 who have at least one tattoo.

Tattoos seem to be attractive but getting a tattoo is a painful task that not everyone can bear. So if the pain is a hurdle between you and tattoo, we have an effective remedy that can give birth to your painless dream tattoo. Numbing cream is an ideal solution to get rid of pain incurred during the tattooing process.


  • The numbing cream should be used 30 minutes prior to the tattooing process by rubbing the product into the area to be tattooed after the skin has been cleaned and shaved. 
  • The numbing cream will not hamper the beauty of your tattoo and it helps to just ease the pain of healing the tattoo without distorting the ink.

• Piercings

In piercing, one gets a variety of choices to express themselves as piercing comes in a myriad of forms. Body piercing has been in trend for many years now. From Hollywood celebrities to normal Tom, Dick, and Harry, everyone has got their body pierced. But it is not easy for everyone to get their skin pierced so easily as piercing can be a painful, daunting dream to achieve. One of the effective solutions to get away with the pain associated with piercing is to make use of quality numbing cream like Numbing Cream like Numb Skin effective enough to curb the pain.

Use of Numbing Cream for Piercing:

  • One 10g Tube for ear, lip or belly button.
  • One 30g Tube for more wide area piercings

So, these are the ideal amount of numbing cream application. However, you can use the amount of the cream based on your estimation if you have a larger cream tube. The numbing cream is an excellent method of numbing skin just before a piercing occurs.

Numb Skin- The best numbing cream in the market…

NumbSkin is a FDA approved non-oily topical anesthetic cream that contains 5% pure lidocaine.

It is the most perfect solution for skin pain relief while getting a tattoo, laser removal or any other minor surgical procedure. NumbSkin is recommended by medical practitioners and tattoo artists worldwide for painless skin procedures. It is one of the widely recommended numbing creams and delivers an hourly long numbing effect.

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