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Lack Of Research Paves Way For Frivolous Tattoo

Posted on May 08 2018

Tattoos play an important role when it comes to the expression of your thoughts. They are popular since its advent and its popularity can be seen in a fact that 36% of U.S. adults aging 18 – 25 have at least one tattoo.

Do you think getting a tattoo is a joke? It takes a lot of effort to be able to choose a perfect tattoo design and even harder experience when one finally go through a whole tattooing process. Unfortunately, your responsibility does not end here and in order to make sure that you get a perfect tattoo, you have to care for your tattoo like a baby.


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Getting a tattoo contains 5 elements: SHAPE

  • S-Selection of design.
  • H-Healthy diet.
  • A-Aftercare of the tattoo.
  • P-Pain.
  • E-Eagerness of getting a tattoo.

All these 5 elements are equally important in getting a perfect tattoo.  The foremost amongst all the factors is the selection of design and it demands a thorough research. Lack of research means ending up damaging your tattoo.

The article shares few experiences of people revealing the importance of research in a healthy tattoo.

  • Sophia and her impatience made me learn a lesson…

Isla and Sophia are childhood friends, supporting each other in every decision. However, their paths crossed each other when both differed in opinion regarding tattoo. Sophia wanted to get a tattoo as soon as possible without much research, however, Isla wanted to wait, think, research and then get a tattoo. Sophia’s impatience and lack of research opened the way for an unhealthy tattoo.

Isla shares her experience saying, “I doubted the tattoo artist’s caliber and Sophia’s impatience to get a tattoo as quickly as possible. My doubts turned into reality on the day of her tattooing process. The tattoo artist didn’t apply any numbing cream prior to the inking process making Sophia’s first tattoo journey full of pain. Moreover, the inexperience of the tattoo artist was reflected in her final tattoo when the tattoo was not properly aligned. Sophia’s lack of research and impatience left her in tears with the only regret in hand.”


  • Andrew and his bad experience

Lack of research by Andrew prior to the tattooing process resulted to undergo a Laser treatment to get rid of his tattoo.

“I had a tattoo on my wrist but I got it because I wanted to have a tattoo. I didn’t research on designs that could suit my personality and hurriedly I got my name inked on my wrist. The result was that everyone asked me the reason of getting this tattoo and I had no answer to it. In one month, I got bored with my tattoo and regretted to have it on my body. I decided to get rid of it as soon as possible and hence underwent a laser treatment to remove it.”

  • The journey from first to the second tattoo

Peter is upset from his first tattoo as it is not up to the mark as per him. He learned from his mistake and went ahead with his second tattoo on wrist.

He says, “I changed the tattoo artist this time and after my thorough research and feedbacks, I met a tattoo artist named Joe who helped me modifying the tattoo design in the perfect way ever. Taking into consideration the experience I witnessed during the previous inking, I took lots of precautions in prior this time. The design was just wow. This time I already had researched about aftercare of my tattoo and tattoo artist apart from giving aftercare ointment gave me an advice that was very effective and in the budget. He asked me to use TEA TREE OIL on my tattoo till it gets properly healed. I wondered how tea tree oil can be beneficial in healing my tattoo. But it worked perfectly well.”

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