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Keep Your Tattoos Looking Wonderful: 8 Things to Do

Posted on September 11 2018

Have you got a tattoo of late? You must be eager to flaunt it. Make sure to keep the tattoo in good shape by following these things.

From finding a studio, tolerating pain to paying money, you have gone through many stages to get this wonderful tattoo. Every tattoo has a story to say. For years this form of body art has been loved for number of reasons. To some it describes their lifestyle and to others it represents their strengths and believes.

Dream catcher tattoo on thigh

Whatever you reason is for getting a tattoo, one thing you need to understand that these are forever. Thought it seems be a pleasing and incredible way to express your feelings, it has to be kept in good shape to retain its appearance for long.

So you task isn’t over once you get a beautiful body art piece done. You have to be more conscious and follow a proper aftercare plan. To help you out here are some essential tattoo care routines to ensure that your tattoo turns out as gorgeous as you expected. Have a look:

1. Listen to Your Tattoo Artist:

Your tattoo artist has been working in this industry for years. With years of experience in this field, he knows what to do and what to not. No one else can give you better advice than a tattooing artist. Listen to his words carefully and follow them wisely.

2. Avoid Scratching:

During the healing period it is common to deal with problems like itching and peeling. But you need to resist that urge to do any of these. For itching you can switch to a topical anesthetic cream like NumbSkin cream. It is a lidocaine based numbing solution which will get you rid of itching.

3. Be Careful While Taking Bath:

It is important to clean your tattoo but with care. For this wrap your tattoo portion for few days before taking a shower. A direct contact with water can affect your tattoo design and quality.

4. Don’t Rub It:

While remove your cling wrap be gentle. Clean it carefully using a mild soap and lukewarm water. Avoid rubbing a towel, let it air dry.

5. Use a Good Quality moisturizer:

Choose a natural moisturizer and apply it gently on your tattoo. Do not apply too much cream; your tattoo should be clearly visible to you. Avoid harsh massage.

6. Apply coconut oil:

Being one of the best ointments to increase the healing speed, coconut oil can be applied on daily basis. It contains great healing and moisturizing capabilities.

7. Avoid Sun Exposure on Tattooed Part:

Avoid going out in the sunlight during the tattoo healing procedure. A direct exposure to the sun can damage your tattoo quality. Once your body art has healed properly, you can step out after applying sunscreen cream.

8. Keep it clean:

No matter, what happens, always keep your dirty nails and hands away from your tattoo. Try to wear loose clothes for few days so that you don’t compress your tattoo.

9. Don’t Skip the Touch Ups:

Tattoo bleeding or tattoo smudging is common thing. Don’t worry! Get it fixed by opting for touch ups from your tattoo artist. However, if you don’t want to experience the same pain this time, use lidocaine cream or numbing cream.

Getting a tattoo can be exciting and daunting altogether. If you really don’t want to spoil your new artwork, add these simple tips to your daily routine. It will help keep your tattoo in perfect shape and get desired output. Do you have other tips to share? Or you want to ask something? Please drop your opinions in the comment box given below.

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