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Lidocaine Cream for Instant Pain Relief from Osteoarthritis: PART 2

Posted on September 11 2018

Osteoarthritis or OA is a painful type of arthritis found in nearly 27 million Americans. It causes soreness and pain in joints, troubling your walking and comfort. Learn here how lidocaine cream provides instant relief from OA pain. Read here the second installment.



In the previous part, you read about osteoarthritis, its symptoms and how it can be managed with a lidocaine cream.

Moving further, here we have discussed about the efficiency of a lidocaine cream to reduce OA pain. And how should it be used and what precautions to be kept in mind.

How Does Numbing Cream Reduce OA Pain?

Numbing cream, also known as topical anesthetic, dulls the pain receptors that take pain signals to the brain. This way, you feel that your skin is desensitized. The numbing effect last for 2-3 hours depending on the strength of the cream.

Lidocaine and benzocaine are the two most widely used anesthetic agents in a numbing cream.

How to Use Numbing Cream for Easing Osteoarthritis Pain?

The effect of a numbing cream is determined by the way you use it. This is why you should read the instructions given on the pack. Below are the common directions to use a numbing cream.

• Wash your skin with soap and warm water
• Pat dry with clean towel
• Apply the first thick layer of the cream (as mentioned on the pack) on your skin. Spread it evenly.
• Then, apply second layer which should be thicker than the first one.
• Cover your skin with a plastic wrap. It will generate heat to potent the numbing effect.
• Remove the cover after one hour. Wipe off the excess cream.

(Note: Please read the instructions given on the pack for a specific direction.)

How to Choose a Right Lidocaine Cream for Osteoarthritis Pain?

Make sure to choose the right cream to ease your OA pain. This is because some creams are so mild that they can’t match up the intensity of OA pain. Given that the pain may be severe, choose the cream with strong formulation.

Here are the tips to choose a right numbing cream for osteoarthritis:

• Make sure it has Lidocaine in 5%
• It should be water based
• Positive user’s feedback
• Reasonably priced

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Precautions While Using a Lidocaine Cream for Osteoarthritis:

• Consult your doctor if you are nursing mother, pregnant and allergic to lidocaine or other numbing agent.
• If you are on medication or have health condition, consult your doctor if you can use the cream.
• Always follow the instructions to use the cream given on the pack.
• Don’t use heating pad to cover the area. Instead, use a plastic film.
• Don’t keep the cream for longer than prescribed time period.
• Avoid using numbing cream on your eyes, inside the nose and mouth

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(Lidocaine cream just eases your osteoarthritis pain. It shouldn’t be looked as a complete treatment for osteoarthritis. Instead, see your physician if the symptoms get worse or there is no improvement. Apart from that, bring lifestyle changes like avoiding lifting weight or turning rigid handles.)

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