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Ink Your Hands with These 6 Tattoos Ideas

Posted on September 11 2018

From celebrities to the common people around, everyone seems to be in love with tattoos. While for some it is the love for body art, to others it is a way to express their love, gratitude, or respect for someone special. Just like Miley's ink, which was a tribute to Elvis Presley, and she got the legendary singer's name written in a heart shape.

Whatever your reason, the fact is you too are interested in getting inked, right?

Now the problem must be- where to get it placed? Well, for this you can give a try to hand tattoos. These are becoming more popular nowadays. But these are not new to the world. These have been practiced from Neolithic times. From long ago these have been a preferred choice of prison inmates, gang members, and indigenous tribe people.

Why not you join this trend? Wondering which type of tattoos will go great on your hand? Here are some amazing design ideas for you. Have a look:

Knuckle Tattoos

Knuckle tattoo on hands

You might be little surprised how mainstream knuckle tattoos have been these days. With hand tattoos, the problem can be with the shortage of area to get tattooed. But you can now ask your tattoo artist to choose a pretty intricate work for your knuckles. While the small detailed designs stand the test of time, these will look coolest. In case, you are going for letters, keep the script straight forward and clean.

Skull tattoo

Skull tattoo on hand

Having creepy empty eye sockets on your hand can make you stand apart from the crowd. These are not as horrifying as you have been thinking. These look really voguish and can be a good choice.

Watch tattoo

Watch tattoo on hand

The time never waits for anyone, and it said that one who values time can achieve anything. So why not ink your skin with the most precious element –time? You can ink the most special time of your life, like your wedding moment, or your child’s birth time, anything which you want to keep close forever.

Marine tattoos

Having a cool maritime tattoo can be another amazing way to adorn something on your hands. These are highly impressive options for men, as females love it for different reasons. Whether it is your first time or you already have some tattoos, you can add on any amount of detail with them.

Monster tattoos

Monster tattoo on hand

Image Source: Tattoostime.com

The best part about these is that they are extremely impressive. Serving to be an amazing portraiture, these will look really realistic. And if you wish make it bit terrifying, you can get it done meanwhile maintaining that cool quotient. Just ask your artist for give varying texture and dimension to the monster eyes.

Butterfly hand tattoos

Butterfly tattoo on hand

Image Source: Dubuddha.org

For women, these will be more gorgeous and classy. Choose any color, may be green, red, yellow, or a mixture of these, to express your love for art.

Hence, if you want to be a style icon in your group or need a tattoo to express your heart’s feeling, got for a hand tattoo. There is just one catch- it can be bit painful experience for you.

Similar to other forms of tattooing, hand tattoos can be hurtful. But that don’t have much to do with your decision to get inked. Reason being, you can escape from the pain easily with the help of a topical numbing cream. Numb Skin comes with 5% lidocaine and is perfect solution to desensitize your skin for up to three to four hours.

What are you waiting for now? Place your orders for Numb Skin cream, choose a classy design, and get started with your hand tattoo.

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