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How Lidocaine Cream Ensures Painless Process

Posted on September 04 2018

Learn here how lidocaine cream eliminates pain and discomfort from tattooing, waxing, piercing and laser treatments.

Pain and discomfort are the two things which must upset you when undergoing the processes like piercing, tattooing and laser treatments.

Getting the tattoo needle inside the skin is no fun. Strong lasers lead to burning sensations. Shots are painful. This way, pain is likely to occur in all processes.

Here we have rounded up some processes being made painless by a lidocaine cream.

Lidocaine Cream for Waxing:

Lidocaine cream removes unwanted hair from the skin. However, the process causes pain as the hair is stripped off the skin. And then there is the hot and sticky wax to worry about.

Use lidocaine cream before the waxing to dull the pain and discomfort.

Lidocaine Cream for Tattoos:

Tattoos are made using needles over the skin. The needles penetrate the upper layer of the skin in order to embed the ink which is quite painful. How much pain you experience is also determined by the body part being inked. Lidocaine is a popular way to eliminate pain from tattoo. The cream should be used 40-45 minutes before the session.

LidocaineCream for Piercing:

This is no brainer! Pain is the part of piercing as needle punctures the skin to make a hole for jewelry. The pain is multiplied when piercing is done on genital parts, nipples and tongue. Luckily, lidocaine cream also makes piercing painless.

Therefore, it does make a sense to use numbing cream before your piercing.

Lidocaine Cream for Injection Shots:

The fear of shots is prevalent among all age groups, whether it’s a kid or an adult. Despite the fact that needle only prick a dot sized skin, the fear and trauma of getting the shot is nightmarish for most people. According to one study, 20% Americans have needle phobia. Vaccination is important to guard off the certain diseases and infection. If you are going to get a shot, just apply lidocaine cream 45 minutes before the process.

Lidocaine Cream for Dermarolling:

Dermarolling helps improve the skin appearance by minimizing wrinkles, saggy skin, ageing signs and hyperpigmentation. It is done by a roller studded with tiny needles over the skin. The roller creates tiny punctures to stimulate the collagen production. But pain and blood are also associated with dermarolling. Therefore, you should use a numbing cream before the process.

Lidocaine Cream for Laser Treatments:

Laser treatments are opted for unwanted hair removal, scars, blemishes and tattoo removal. However, the process hurts as the hot laser strike at the skin. Many people have reported that they feel as if rubber band is being snapped at their skin. Top of that, most laser treatments require multiple sittings, making you to go through the pain more than once.

Therefore, laser practitioners recommend their clients to use a lidocaine cream before the process.

Lidocaine Cream Permanent Makeup:

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is a process in which ink is embedded into the skin to draw facial features like lip line and eyebrows. As it is performed with the needles, the process hurts andoften leads to soreness and swelling. To control the pain, you can use a lidocaine cream to dull your skin.

How to Use a Numbing Cream?

• Wash the skin part with soap and water
• Pat is dry with clean cloth
• Apply a good amount of topical numb ointment before 40-45 minutes
• Cover it with plastic wrap (don’t use cotton dressing)
• Wipe it off after an hour.


• Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding woman before applying the numbing cream
• Avoid numbing cream if you are allergic to its ingredients like Lidocaine.
• Discontinue the cream if you experience burning sensations or rashes or they may persist longer. See your physician immediately.

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