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Help your Kids to Overcome the Fear of Shots

Posted on September 04 2018

Don’t let the fear of vaccination possess your kids. Here are the things you can do to help them overcome the fear of needles.

If you are like most parents, you must be worried seeing how your kids throw tantrums when it comes to getting a shot. Although shot creates a dot size puncture on the skin, it is quite fearful for them to have a sharp object penetrating their skin.

Injection in hand

But it can’t be denied that vaccination is important for kids’ health. It helps kids acquire immunity against illness and infections, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, and Measles-mumps-rubella + varicella with many more such kind of illness. Generally, a kid has taken more than 20 vaccinations by the time they arrive to four years old category.

If there is delay in vaccination, your kid could suffer some serious threats.

• Measles can spread to the brain which can cause brain damage and its life threatening.
• Mumps can cause permanent deafness to your kids.
• Similarly, Polio can cause permanent paralysis of any body parts.

All you need to distract your kids’ mind off the process. And it is not that difficult. Here are some tips to help your kids overcome the fear of needle.

Use a Lidocaine Cream:

Before taking your kid for vaccination, apply a lidocaine cream or topical anesthetic cream which will cause temporary numbness. You can apply the cream before an hour getting the needle, but before that you must confirm the part of your kid’s body where the shot will be given by your kid’s doctor. You can even find the topical anesthetic cream by taking help from your pharmacist.

Don’t Hide the Truth:

Make your child mentally prepared for the day of vaccination by talking about the procedure. Secondly, make sure they know shots are meant for protection of their body. Tell the truth to your kid because kids will learn you are lying and you can lose their trust. Show a happy and smiling face after it’s all done. However, don’t provide exhaustive details related to needle pain.Don’t make your kid anxious by mentioning the needle pain for about multiple times.

Just go with it:

If you see your child is going to blast with hysterics, then you must let go with all your pre-assumed idea of making your kid relax. The best thing you can do is to step aside and let the nurses or doctors to take over; overreaction of kids sometimes becomes a catalyst for your respond. You must leave the room if your child is acting frenzy because staff will work with more focus. You can also stand at the corner of room and make your kid about realize about your presence which will help the procedure complete quickly and decline the painful experience.

Impart instant relief:

Once the process is over, make your child remain seated or let them rest on your lap for a few minutes to make sure your kid is not feeling dizzy. Apply icepack on the injection site for 10 minutes on the swelled part by rubbing. Consult a pediatrician always because they can recommend medicines according to the condition of your kid.

Watch for possible side effects:

See if your kid is feeling comfortable after the process. Is his face turning red? Is he experiencing swelling or fever? Is he complaining of headaches or fatigue? Or there are the signs related to allergy or difficulty in breathing. Just call your doctor or ask for immediate medical assistance.

Don’t let the fear of vaccination possess your child for life. Once they overcome the fear, chances are they would be comfortable next time for the shot.

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