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Want To Get A Tattoo In Least Painful Manner? Try These Places

Posted on August 30 2018

Are you getting your first tattoo?

The first thing you start digging for is an ideal drawing, right? But that’s not all!

Instead the process should start with the search for a least painful area to get a tattoo. The process can be really painful, especially, if you are not well prepared. No matter how much you are fanaticized by the idea of getting tattooed, you cannot deny from the fact that it will be a painful process.

Simply, it is due to procedure which includes constant hammering of tattoo needles against your skin. Along this, you need to know that there are some more tender parts of the body which might be more painful to have tattooed. On the contrary, there are other places where getting a tattoo won’t be a big challenge. Learn about such 5 locations right here:


Tattoo on fingers

One of the major reasons for getting your finger tattooed is that a small design will be suitable. Secondly, there aren’t many nerve endings on the top of the finger. So chances of discomfort are really low. Being one of the areas where you might not feel much pain when compared to other parts on your body. You have to be little careful and make sure that you keep it away from the bone. Tattooing here will just last for a few minutes.

Upper Back:

Tattoo design on upper back

Image Source: Askideas.com

When you are getting a tattoo on your upper, your artist will enjoy a huge canvas to paint on. But there is a catch. It will painful if you ink over the bones. But if you wish to ink your back without hurting at all, avoid the bones on your shoulder blades. Also, keep distance from the area on your neck. So, either you can think about getting something tiny or look for something which don’t stretch across the bony areas.

Ankle or Feet:

Tattoo on ankle

These have been more famous for women. Owing to the femininity they hold, these are lovely. You can look for a big design or a smaller one, as per your convenience. You can even get a tattoo anklet which looks very feminine yet classy. Avoid the upper part of the foot; it might hurt you a little more.


angry wolf tattoo design on shin

Get inked below the knee and above the ankle. Yes, your shin is an excellent spot for tattooing. The best thing you could do is place it on the outer area of the shin, i.e. away from the bone. Here you have the freedom to choose among big and small tattoo design, as per your choice.

Some people prefer a large tattoo which covers half your leg, other go for something small and cute. In both cases, you can stay rest assured that you won’t be bothered by an intense amount of pain. Plus, you can compliment them with all type of attires, including cropped jeans and shorts.

Behind the Ear:

Tattoo design behind the ear

Image Source: Tattoo-journal.com

Now you can add an extra oomph to your personality with a small tattoo behind the ear. It looks extremely beautiful and can be easily hidden behind your hair locks when required. And it is not just because of the trends but also this place has less number of nerve endings. So it will be bit easy.

So, skip all those delicate spots, and choose any of the 5 afore-stated locations to get tattooed. Still if you dread of pain, then the solution is with a numbing cream. Yes, you can count on a topical anesthetic solution like Dr. Numb. It comes with 5% lidocaine which is numbing agent. When applied to the skin surface, it generated a numbing sensation. Basically, it desensitizes your skin for three to four hours. Hence, it gives you enough time to have a painless tattoo.

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