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Find Out How Cover Up Tattoo Works!

Posted on June 20 2018

Want to know more about the cover up tattoos? You have landed right.  Explore details here.

Tattoos are permanent – right?

When you got your tattoo, the most exciting thing was that it will be there forever. However, with the passage of time and changes in choice, you start regretting on your decision. It is not the process which you feel bad about. But it is the design which doesn’t appeal to you anymore.

How Cover Up Tattoo Works

Nowadays there are several new methods for tattoo removal. Of course, laser surgery is the most common method used worldwide. But you cannot overlook the other methods too. Here it is about cover-up procedures.

Why covering a tattoo is the good option?

Today more and more people prefer to get cover up tattoos instead of having it removed entirely. One of the major reasons for ditching tattoo removal treatments is the cost. Another reason can be the consistency and quality a cover-up tattoo has to offer.

As removing every trace of your old tattoo can be a time-consuming and highly expensive affair, you can consider the covering option. In fact, at times there remains a dim trace of a tattoo even after undergoing various laser tattoo removal treatments.

How does it work ?

Though the term ‘cover-up tattoo’ is a self-explainer, yet it becomes essential to understand the process in detail. You might be thinking of a method which involves insertion of s new ink above the old ink. However, the inking process in case of cover-up tattoos does not function similar to painting on a canvas. Obviously, you cannot work with successive layers to conceal the color.

In this case, a tattoo artist uses a particular set of skills, blending different colors, detailing, shading, and much more to bring forth a beautiful cover-up tattoo. During your initial tattoo, the ink was deposited approximately one millimeter beneath the skin. It was done to the dermis, i.e. is the layer below the epidermis. Now as you are getting it covered, the new ink will be deposited within the dermis, that too along with the old colored ink.

So it is clear that the pigment in the new inks does not go over the top of the older one. Instead the two colors combine to form a new color.  This clearly means that it depends on your tattoo artist and his designing skills, what kind of outcome you achieve.

Lastly, just like your original tattoo, the cover up work will also be painful process. It can extend up to three to four touch-up sessions. So it becomes crucial to prepare for pain. The easiest way out would be using a lidocaine cream. When you apply a topical anesthetic like Numb Skin cream to your skin, it blocks the pain signals at the nerve endings. Being a FDA approved product it is safe to use. Plus, it is easily available over the counter. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy it.

Living with a tattoo regret is now a thing of past. Get it covered!

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